The Basics of Creating a Progressive Web App Using React.js


Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are a hybrid between a standard webpage and a mobile app. They allow users to access the PWA from their computers, but they offer the sleek, fluid design of a mobile application. As PWAs become more popular, the desire to build them has increased, as well. If you’re wondering how to build a progressive web app using React.js, you’re not alone. The basic steps to building a PWA in React.js are as follows.

WordPress Paid vs. Free Themes: Which Are The Right Ones For You?

WordPress Free or Paid Themes

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most powerful website engines out there. Because of its easy to use features, it takes no time for an unprofessional to build an out-of-the-box site. With this platform, having a site up and running is not a big deal. With elegant and simple layout, WordPress has so much to offer to developers in order to meet both business and personal needs.

How to Generate More Traffic to Your Website


When you are building your first ever website for your business, there are loads of different elements that you need to quickly get up to speed with. From knowing how to find the best web hosting service to developing an effective marketing strategy to attract new customers, you will have your work cut off for you. Choosing your web host comes down to much more than price and it can have a big impact on gaining new customers.

How Online Gaming Sites Maintain Their Security

Online Security

Most of us who have enjoyed playing at an online casino will probably be more interested in the potential jackpots than the fine print. But in the age of cyber-attacks and high-profile hacking cases, it seems that we need to pay a little more attention to how these gaming sites are handling our personal data and money. So what are the key ingredients of a secure online casino site, and how do we go about making sure that the gaming provider is legitimate?