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How Online Gaming Sites Maintain Their Security

Most of us who have enjoyed playing at an online casino will probably be more interested in the potential jackpots than the fine print. But in the age of cyber-attacks and high-profile hacking cases, it seems that we need to pay a little more attention to how these gaming sites are handling our personal data and money. So what are the key ingredients of a secure online casino site, and how do we go about making sure that the gaming provider is legitimate?

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How to Reduce the Load Time of a Blog by 90%

The load time of a blog is a critical factor not only for retaining visitors, but also for performing well in search engines. There are many ways you can reduce the load time of a blog, and in this post I will look at an actual example of how I managed to reduce the load time of a blog by 90%!.

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Intranet Communications Keep Employees Engaged

Modern employee communications take place online. Employees are more productive when they understand how they fit into a company and are helping to achieve those company goals. Open communication provides feedback to management as well as faster troubleshooting when problems arise. This communication leads to employee retention and better customer service. A company intranet system can provide this communication. Your intranet should engage people and reward them for participation.

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