Defensive Design Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web Design

Defensive Design Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web Design

Web design is no easy task. When someone says web design, they’re not just referring to one simple task. Web design means completing a multitude of tasks that, when finished, come together to hopefully equal a fantastic website that can perform more than just one trick well.

Users, after all, always look for fun websites that actually bring something to the table, rather than just sitting on the web doing nothing. Our Web Designers are sure to provide your small business with tons of fun!

Defensive Design Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web Design

Web design is not a menial job, but artistic expression. When done well, web design can be comparable to the effort and time put into painting a fine portrait, or constructing a large building. Not just anyone can do web design, and certainly not well – but rest assured that our web design company is ready to perform well for your small business.

It also certainly takes a certain amount of finesse to perform web design that is specifically catered to each client’s unique needs. Sure, web design can become cookie-cutter and run-of-the-mill.

But the true trick – which our web design has down pat – is in fully customizing web design so that the client is completely happy with the end product, and in maintaining the proper balance between fun and sophistication.

Part of the biggest challenge is also in ensuring that the web design is performed so that the final product is easy to read and easy to navigate. People don’t want to visit a website where it’s difficult to find information and links – they want to visit a website that lays everything out simply and dynamically, and guarantees this for your small business.

Part of the key in ensuring that you achieve easy navigation is in making sure that the various web pages are uniform to some extent, hinting at a specific style that binds everything together rather than creating pages willy-nilly that don’t flow together properly.

There’s nothing that puts off web browsers more than pages that don’t make sense in a greater context. An important strategy is to make sure that there is a link on every webpage leading back to the homepage, and to clearly label pages so that the user understands where each page fits into a larger context.

And of course, don’t forget to include a search bar! You make users happy when you make it easy for them to find the information they want in a quick amount of time, not by burying information.

Then there are all the little details to think of when it comes to web design. For instance, perhaps you should think about including a comment box, in order to encourage feedback and show users that you’re listening to them at all time and value their opinions.

Even better is placing your contact information somewhere visible on the website, so that users know just where to go when they want to get in contact with you.

And of course, make sure that your website is compatible with more than just one web browser. There’s nothing worse than a website that won’t load properly on a certain browser – it puts people off forever.

Web design is no simple task, but it can certainly be fun and rewarding. Just keep these few important pointers in mind, call our web designers today, and your small business is on its way to web design success!

2 Responses to “Defensive Design Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web Design”

  1. Martin says:

    I agree Ammara, but let me just put few more words here about coding side of the web design. Coding is not at all artistic, it requires the plain knowledge about the programming languages, like PHP, HTML, CMS (although last two are purely markup languages). Certainly, knowing all the coding part allows us to be fully artistic when creating websites. Cheers!

  2. Stefan says:

    Nice article. I think when it comes to web design, simplicity is the key. Functionality has to be taken over aesthetic, and over design needs to be avoided at all costs. I don’t come online to have my soul moved by the beauty of a drop down menu; I come to find things out.

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