Do You Backup or Store Your Data?

Do You Backup or Store Your Data?

With Google’s announcement introducing Google Drive, I have been thinking more about how I store my data. When it comes to storing data, it seems the cloud is becoming a more popular choice, especially for those that wish to share their files.

When I view the data storage options on the cloud I am always wondering how I can use such a service for saving all of my data files. I then came to realization that services such as Dropbox and Google Drive aren’t what I need when it comes to backing up my data. There are two ways to look at how you save your data.

Do You Backup or Store Your Data?

Data Backup or Data Storage?

Many people, myself included, use multiple devices in their daily lives. They may use a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone on a regular basis. The one issue that arises with using multiple devices is the way in which data is shared.

With a cloud-based solution, data files would be stored online and can be access from any device that you would use. If the data files are changed, you would then upload the changed file, usually automatically through an application, back to the cloud.

In addition to sharing data between devices, many of the cloud-storage solutions also provide a way of sharing data between you and your peers. This allows others to read your data and even modify the files. This is a great solution for those that collaborate with groups of people.

While the above process may seem like data backup, I consider data backup to be an entirely different process. For me, data backup is a method of keep your data safe, and being able to restore your data when you lose the master copy.

The key here is that the data should be store safely, and securely. With many data storage options, that allow you or others to share and modify data, there really isn’t a lot of control of how the data can be changed. Anyone with access to the data can modify/delete/add files to the pool. With data backup, this process is restricted to protect the files.

Data backup is about preserving the data files, so that they can replace the certain files if the original files are lost. In order to maintain the integrity of the backup files, strict access control over who can access the files must be in place.

Also, for many data storage and sharing solutions, there is very little amount of data storage space available. This is because you may not be storing or sharing all your data files. With data backup, the storage needs would be greater as you will be backing up all your data files. Currently I am backing up 320 GB+ of data files. If I were to store some files for sharing, it would only be a subset of this data.

I consider data backup and data storage to be two separate actions. Both can utilize a cloud environment, but the purpose of both data storage and data backup is unique, and can be summed up as follows:

Data Storage

  • Can be shared between devices and other users.
  • Modified by multiple users.
  • Only specific files may need to be stored.
  • Storage requirements may not need to be high.

Data Backup

  • Access to the data should be restricted.
  • Data updates can only be done in a controlled environment.
  • All files are stored so they can be protected from a loss.
  • Storage requirements are high to backup all data files.
  • Used for long term data storage.

13 Responses to “Do You Backup or Store Your Data?”

  1. Stefan says:

    I’m partial to a good old fashioned external hard-drive myself. I think it’s possible to get over cautious when it comes to backing things up; odds are your computer is not going to break, and 95% of the stuff you have is either unnecessary or easily replaceable. I basically back up my photographs, creative writing and work documents; that’s it.

  2. Born27 says:

    I think it’s better to have both. Because I believe that you won’t lose anything from it when you apply it.

  3. Charlenevans09 says:

    My IT consultant suggested to have both. So now, I have a back up device as well as storage data device. And I’m glad that all my files are secure and more safer from deletion.

  4. phil says:

    Backing up data is something i always mean to do on a regular basis but in reality i never do, after reading this article i realise i should store more often and now i have an idea of which storage to use

  5. Mukesh says:

    I used wp backup plugin and it automatically send all website data on my gmail account every week and feel secure any online threat.

  6. alex says:

    cheers mate, i dont bother to back up my data but youve helped me realise that i need to…appreciate your help

  7. Sajith says:

    I never used to backed up my data. But reading this article I had a idea to backup all my data related to my blog. Thanks a lot for the info.

  8. Aasma says:

    Nice explanation, Earlier I used to consider both term “Data Storage” and “Date Backup” same. But you clearly defines the difference.

  9. James Martin says:

    I always back-up my data files to secure them so that when time comes it can be access again to avoid loss and no hassle recovering such files. This article really helps people and this gonna be an effective way of recovering.

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