Top Main Reasons You Should Learn to Code in College

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If you wonder whether it is a good idea to start learning to program in college, or you already deal with all the issues related to java, c++, Matlab, python, or any other computer science, but your motivation and inspiration seem to leave you – this article is worth attention. Why should you consider coding in college?

File Watcher: Monitor Changes to Files and Folders

Hard Drive

File Watcher is a standalone, open source, C# application that I have developed to serve a purpose that I needed for my data files. In a nutshell, File Watcher allows me to monitor several paths on my Windows server for any changes to the files or folders within those paths. Once changes are detected, one of several functions can then be performed. These functions include: sending a notification via an API request, performing an action (copy, move, delete), or running a command – such as an executable.

How to Remove Applications from the Mac Computer?


Over time, every Mac user may realize there are too many unused applications on the device. If only uninstalling unnecessary programs was as easy as moving the icons to the Trash, but unfortunately, it is not so simple. Every time when you uninstall an app incorrectly, some files may remain on the hard drive, taking up space and slowing down the computer.

Is There a Better Alternative to Spreadsheets for Inventory Management?


Microsoft spreadsheets have been the go-to tool for businesses for decades, so much so that there are unofficial versions of them everywhere you look. Even Google has its own MS Office package. Mostly, it’s viewed as the gold standard for companies attempting to manage their inventories, mainly since it provides the option to track pretty much every aspect of your stock. Still, there’s no doubt that spreadsheets have issues that make them unsuitable for some users.

How to Maintain the Sales Momentum with the Construction Project Management Software?


The project failure rate in the construction industry is frightening; at least one project failed for 60% of construction companies. As per the recent industry reports, construction companies are facing hard times due to heavy competition and an unpredictable future. The fragmentation, inconsistent approach, and faulty risk management lead to these failures.

Use this GPU accelerated Video Editing Software and Make a Stunning Video for Instagram

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Gone are the days when you used Facebook to share your personal experiences, post about events or tag friends. Gone are the days when Facebook led the social media world. Now, here are the days for Instagram to be a leader and dominator where it has become the go-to platform for sharing photos, videos and building an attractive social media presence. Be it celebrities, companies and influencers, everyone is on Instagram to attract users and build a fan base via the use of the internet.

DearMob iPhone Manager Review: An Easier and Safer way to Transfer and Manage iOS content


Do you own an iPhone but struggle with managing its data? Especially backing it up? Are you planning to shift from an Android to an iPhone but are worried about iPhone storage? Do you wonder how to improve your iPhone which has all your photos, videos and information? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. DearMob iPhone Manager is here to solve our problems with its efficient and effective features. As an iPhone owner, there is always something to worry about, especially when a smartphone is almost everything to the owner.