Is There a Better Alternative to Spreadsheets for Inventory Management?

Microsoft spreadsheets have been the go-to tool for businesses for decades, so much so that there are unofficial versions of them everywhere you look. Even Google has its own MS Office package. Mostly, it’s viewed as the gold standard for companies attempting to manage their inventories, mainly since it provides the option to track pretty much every aspect of your stock.

Still, there’s no doubt that spreadsheets have issues that make them unsuitable for some users. Indeed, lots of entrepreneurs are beginning to question whether it’s the right option for their needs. If you fall into this category, you require a superior alternative. Is there one? Let’s find out!

Katana – Take your spreadsheet to the next level

The size of the market means that there is more than one substitute available, but one of the most popular software programs available right now is Katana. As well as offering a raw material inventory management Excel template that can be used to track your inventory, Katana also has the firepower to catapult your business to the next level.

That’s because uploading the template to Katana’s inventory management system allows you to automate your business processes. This means you can stay on top of stock, see at a glance which orders are due when and ensure you never run short of raw materials or finished products, ever again.

Why should you use Katana?

Inventory tracking

A feature that Excel lacks is the ability to track materials automatically. You must do it manually, which takes time and forces you to waste valuable resources. After all, you would much prefer to focus on more pressing issues other than inputting data into boxes.

Katana is a programme that lets you stay on top of your inventory with features such as barcode scanning. As a result, end-to-end traceability is easy to keep tabs on because you can check the system for when it was scanned. This leads to automated workflows for inventory, whether it’s new on the system or you plan on moving it elsewhere. Order fulfillment is much simpler when you can rely on this tool.

Planning control

Exerting control over inventory is challenging, as there are several variables at play. It can be like spinning plates at times, the only difference being that you lose money when one falls. If they all stop spinning, you’re in big trouble. Thankfully, Katana comes with a master production planner function.

With this, you can track products in real-time. More importantly, you can see what leftover materials you have and use them to fulfil orders without taking away from your essential stock. Plus, it’s easier to rank orders based on the inventory levels at your disposal.

Consolidation scheduling

Working with multiple components is one of the hardest jobs associated with tracking inventory, since multitasking has been shown to be unproductive. As a result, Excel Spreadsheets can make it more difficult for you since there isn’t an option to use a single interface.

Katana comes with a straightforward dashboard that lets you oversee every aspect of your company’s stock levels. Therefore, it’s possible to consolidate the process to avoid the common pitfalls that occur when dealing with different criteria.

Spreadsheets are an effective way for companies to track inventory. However, it’s a basic solution which doesn’t allow your business to grow. For more insight into your strategy and extra control over the process, Katana is a fantastic option that is well worth considering.

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