Everything you need to know about VPNs


Privacy has been among the major concerns for most internet users in the last couple of years. We have had so many data breach scandals in recent years, which have left many internet users worried about how their data is handled by the various apps and websites they access on the internet.

Tips on Reducing Ransomware Attack Risks


As a business owner, there are many things you need to keep an eye on. This includes watching the business finances, dealing with staffing, and making sure you have the right services and equipment in place for efficient operation. Another thing you need to do is protect your business, and one of the things you need to protect against is cybercrime.

Backblaze: How Much Does It Cost?

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There are 2 main products under the Backblaze name: the sibling Personal Backblaze and Backblaze Business which are both used for cloud backups and the Backblaze B2, an IaaS platform. Both solutions allow you to store and backup your data on the cloud, however, their intended user bases are different. Thus, it only makes sense that the pricing structure between these services is also different.

Negative Impact Of Data Breaches & How To Protect Your Business

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Collecting data is an important part of every business that operates in the modern world. Protecting said data is even more significant. You certainly want to keep your customers’ information safe, especially if they are inputting their credit card numbers and similar data. This is why data breaches, as explained on this website, are probably the worst nightmare of every single company out there.

The Importance of Business Cybersecurity in 2021

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As a business company, you don’t have the luxury of deciding whether you should implement cybersecurity systems, tools, audits, contact a cybersecurity expert such as Cytelligence, or relevant policies. In simple words, it isn’t a question of “should” anymore. On the other hand, it has become mandatory. Since we live in a digital era, cyberattacks can happen anytime and to anybody. While it is possible to remain secure from potential cyber threats, there are several strategies a business organization can implement to ensure cybersecurity optimization.

Why Nord VPN Is The Best VPN For Android

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Although there are many different VPN services currently available to users looking for one, such as Express VPN, Cyber Ghost, IP Vanish, and Private VPN, it is Nord VPN that is the best of the lot. For another view click for the top vpn for android devices. Thanks to it being super affordable to many individuals and having many different features, it really is a cut above the rest of the competition that is out there right now. This also makes it appealing to both first time users of VPNs, as well as more experienced elitists.

What to Know If You Want to Get a French VPN


VPNs are beneficial in more than one scenario. This is why not only tech-oriented people should use them. They are useful in cases of wanting to watch USA Netflix in France, they offer you protection over public networks and give you the anonymity you need while surfing the web.

Credential Stuffing is a Serious Issue Made More Popular by the Dark Web

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Account takeover is one form of identity theft. Data breaches allow threat actors to steal credentials and then take over accounts for monetary gain. This creates a problem for businesses as well as consumers. SpyCloud offers protection by preventing account takeovers. They essentially do this through monitoring login credentials and alerting account holders when their credentials are breached.