The Most Effective Ways to Increase the Security of Your Home Network

If you are like me, then you are always looking for ways to increase the security of your home network. Threats to your network, devices and to your files can come from anywhere online. So it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your home network is secured. This post will outline some of the settings that I use to protect my network, devices, and files from both malicious software and users.

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How I Protect My Files From Malware

I have a lot of important files stored on two external hard drives that are standing on my desk beside my computer. What makes these files important is that they contain photos and videos of my life since 2002 and they can’t be replaced. Since that time my life has changed substantially – marriage and raising a family. Losing the files that captured all moments over the past 14+ years is not an option – nor will it every be.

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3 Types of Passwords That Are Way Too Easy to Guess

Put in the wrong hands, your employees’ login credentials can be the key to a massive security leak. Though you can set up every possible security system, you may be at a loss if your employees’ passwords are too easy to guess. Even the strongest firewalls and encryption software in the world won’t be able to do anything if somebody was able to log in by guessing and inputting somebody’s credentials. Here are a few of the most embarrassing passwords that are so easy to crack that people shouldn’t have bothered setting them at all:

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