Quality Assurance: Getting Your Website Onboard

Having a good website requires a lot of effort from the UX and UI design team. However, you till have to perform some quality assurance so that your page is near-perfect. Here are some things to check to ensure that your website is performing better than your competition.

Accuracy to the Original Design

When doing a quality assurance check on your website, you want to make sure that all design elements are consistent. Compare your original design to the final product to ensure that the coded version looks like the previous design element that you love.

Keep in mind that all of the adjustments might have been discussed during this process. But you and your team need to know them so that there are no hidden surprises. Are the font styles correct? Do every bulleted point look how you expected them to look? If there are any rollover effects, check to see that they’re working beautifully.


You should check to make sure that you have all of the pages needed for your debut site. And make sure that all written content has the proper spelling, grammar, etc. Your audience views your content regularly, so you have to ensure that it’s been refined through your quality assurance team.

Privacy Policy

Did you know that your site is required to have a Privacy Policy? Some web developers will have a standardized version of your site, but make sure it’s there. If you are finding any sensitive information, look to see if your site requires any specific language.


If you have any custom or e-commerce components, then you need to test them! We suggest that you try a processing payment and make sure that it gets back to your account through the third-party gateway.

Keep in mind that if you sent a charge through the system, you will have to go back and refund your money later.

Links and Menus

Click on all of the links and menu items to make sure they go to the right location and that there are no pages with missing content. Links might also include PDFs and documents that you’re offering for download on the websites in exchange for the user’s email address. You can either open up a new window or check links that open from within the site’s window.


When conducting a website qa audit, you want to look at all of the images on your site and make sure that they’re picture perfect. Check for any watermarks and ensure that each image has aesthetically pleasing spacing and look the way they should.


Overall, your website qa process is crucial during the final stages of web development. It helps you ensure that your page is free of errors, running up to speed, and the content is organized. Thus, you should use it so that you can keep your viewers engaged to your site!

Do you have any questions about checking your website’s quality?

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