5 Web Design Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

A website is a foundation for any online business. How good your website is directly affecting your business and thus, your conversion rates and profits. But what decides if a website is good or how can you make your website good enough to get a lot of conversion rates? Well, there are certain principles and tips, which if followed correctly, can answer these questions.

Basically, you need a good website design that can attract a lot of traffic. Once your website gets a lot of visitors consistently, the next thing you have to focus on is on engaging them and converting them to customers. So, how can you implement this strategy in real life? Keep reading the article to figure out the 5 design principles that can help improve the conversion rate of your website.

1. Make it look appealing and attractive

This is a very obvious tip. Everyone is captured by something that is visually appealing. The same thing goes for websites too. You need to make your website attractive, modern and classy. It should display your brand information and everything else necessary in an easily accessible yet appealing manner.

Your website should have all the information associated with your products, their features, have informative articles and maybe even a blog, to provide your customers with all the information but none of this should feel overwhelming to the users. It shouldn’t be cluttered. An unattractive website will easily drive away visitors and potential customers. You should keep the language simple and understandable for the content and avoid all the complicated jargon.

2. Create trust

You may already have a very modish and attractive website, but it is useless if it can’t inculcate a sense of trust in the customers. Here are a few tips and methods on how to build trust in your customers.

  1. Provide authentic contact details so that the customers can reach out to you in case they need your assistance.
  2. Refrain from including any kind of fake information on your website.
  3. Keep everything looking professional and well suited for your brand as well as the domain your business operates in.
  4. Speak about your expertise through the services you provide as well as the contents on your website.
  5. Regularly and consistently upload new and good quality content.
  6. Invest in a good web design company to make everything run smoothly.

3. Easy navigation

If your website is too complicated, then we have a problem. The ease and smoothness of navigation is key to your website’s conversion rates. While tackling the navigation problem, think of your target audience. If they find it more difficult to navigate through your website as compared to your competitor’s website, chances are that they will ditch you for them.

Hence, if you are thinking about areas to focus on while trying to improve conversion rates, navigation is one of them. Use suitable titles and subtitles for contents. Make everything clutter-free. Keep features frequently used by visitors in places where they can be accessed easily. Use drop-down menus and subcategories for sorting and filtering. These are just a few examples. A good website design company can help you take care of everything.

4. Design a sensitive CTA button

The Call To Action or CTA button is used to request users to respond to various actions that are suggested by these buttons. For instance, a button asking you to sign up for a newsletter is a CTA button. These buttons should say exactly what the consumer should do. Nothing more, nothing less. Falsely navigating traffic will put off the visitors of your website.

‘Subscribe’, ‘Sign up’, ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Share’ are some good examples of CTA buttons. Refrain from including more than a few CTAs on the same page as they may end up conflicting with each other. Keep them relevant to the page and give clear instructions so that your customers won’t get confused.

5. Ensure smooth and easy conversion

Your focus must be on getting customers from all walks of life without any restrictions on their demographics or location. Accomplishing this is tough. But the basic point is, you need to keep the steps that lead to conversion simple.

Provide customer support at all times. Make use of the latest technologies like chatbots and artificial intelligence to guide and assist your visitors while they navigate through your website. Show them that you value every single one of them.

Final words

If your customers feel comfortable and satisfied with your website, they will keep returning to it all the time, and might even refer a few others. Thus you will get more conversions as well as customers. Follow the five principles mentioned above, and you are all set on your web design strategies to improve the conversion rates on your website.

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