How to Make the Most of the WordPress Help Desk TicketLab Theme?

How to Make the Most of the WordPress Help Desk TicketLab Theme?

To build a strong customer base, it is very important to offer the best customer support. WordPress has various kinds of themes to enhance the appearance and functionality of a WordPress-powered website. You can take advantage of the WordPress help desk theme to deal with customer issues in an effortless, and timely, manner.

Ticket management

Customer issues are managed in a very efficient way with the WordPress ticket system. New tickets can be easily created with the available knowledge base and the tickets can also be resolved very quickly. Ticket management can be done effectively so that any issues are resolved within the least amount of time.

When you choose the TicketLab theme, you will not need to depend on any additional plug-in. The theme offers one of the best end-to-end best ticket support systems available. The service offered will be transparent to the end-user so that there will be no impact to the customer experience.

Before placing an order, you can go through the demo to acquaint yourself with the solutions offered by the WordPress theme. The product is trusted by more than 9500 customers spread across the world.


There are many benefits to using the TicketLab theme, including:

  • Clutter-free management of tickets.
  • Management and update of tickets on a priority basis.
  • The ability to handle tickets from a single dashboard.
  • Support tickets can be sent to Trello so that there will be perfect coordination between the support and engineering teams.
  • The bugs are reported to Github. It will facilitate quick resolutions.
  • The theme is ideal to build a self-help community forum.
  • Pages can be created with the visual composer in a very efficient manner.

It is very important to organize issues raised by customers in a systematic way. The issues should be resolved sequentially within a quick timeframe. The multi-lingual ticket system offers various attractive features, and the helpdesk theme can be customized by clients very easily. The SEO-optimized theme will help customers find answers that meets their requirements. The site can be prepared very quickly with the completely flexible visual enhancer.

If you are a new user, you can get a quick insight of the help desk theme by going through the WordPress knowledge base articles. The theme is synchronized with Zendesk so that you will be able to update tickets from any location at your convenience.

The platform is an ideal option to build a perfect workflow between the ticketing system and the forum.

The tickets can be marked as open, pending and closed as per the resolution. The TicketLab theme can be considered the next generation of the online helpdesk with complete support from the website.

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