Which Online Marketing Channels are Relevant for 2015?

Which Online Marketing Channels are Relevant for 2015?

In a world completely dominated by technology, it’s no wonder that most companies are channeling their marketing budgets toward online advertising. Reaching customers all over the globe via one location—the Internet—allows companies to increase their reach and boost revenue.

What most companies fail to realize about online marketing, though, is that just because a channel was popular a few years ago doesn’t mean it is still relevant today. Many online marketing strategies come and go, which means that if you truly want to use online marketing to your advantage, you need to ensure you’re using options that still resonate with consumers today.

So if online marketing is in your near future, consider using the following online marketing channels that are relevant for 2015.

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12 Common Listing Mistakes on eBay


How did we earn our stripes and gain national recognition for outstanding sales and conversion rate? The answer is simple: optimized listing descriptions. We launched ourselves into the eBay world of selling by drop-shipping items from wholesalers on eBay.

However, due to our savvy method of drop-shipping directly from fellow eBay sellers, our prices weren’t the lowest on the market by any means. So the question begs – how did we boost our sales so rapidly?

By producing our listing editor, CrazyLister, we managed to refine and create stunning, professional eBay listings based on an acute focus to conversion rate. We set ourselves apart from the competition by fine-tuning our listing aesthetic and by presenting ourselves as professional, trustworthy sellers via CrazyLister’s optimized listing descriptions.

I have composed a list of key information gathered by team CrazyLister. All our information is based on years of experience, shrewd observation, and our own magnanimous success as sellers on eBay.

In addition to our own findings as sellers on eBay, this list is an analysis of thousands of case studies from CrazyLister’s very own user base which illustrates how to avoid the many common listing mistakes on eBay.

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Guidelines for Working with a Professional Copywriter

Guidelines for Working with a Professional Copywriter

Professional copywriting services can be a very vital asset for any business. A good copywriter has the capacity to create great copy which will boost the sales of your products and services. Once you have identified such an individual, you need to handle them well so as to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Here are some guidelines for dealing with a professional copywriter.

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6 Tips for Attracting Repeat Visitors to Your Site

Attract Website Visitors

Every website owner would want to have as many people as possible visiting his site. However, with the multitude of competing sites out there, attracting new visitors has become an increasingly daunting task. Even more difficult is getting people to make repeat visits to your site.

Here are some tips which will increase the chances of people coming back to your site.

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The Keys for Online Business Success

Online Business

The advancements in internet technology not to mention its popularity have convinced business owners to go online. For customers, doing business transactions over the internet is ideal, since it is more convenient for them.

If you are planning to start a business, then I suggest that you go online, since it will allow you to reach a wider audience in a very short time. Still, you must be careful in doing so, since many people have failed in online business because they have not followed the marketing methods and techniques used in online business.  Here are some tips that will help your online business grow.

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10 Tips for Designing Email Templates for Smartphones

Email on Smartphone

With recent figures from Econsultancy showing that 68 per cent of smartphone owners use their device for emails, it is becoming even more essential for businesses to make sure that their email marketing is optimised for mobiles.

There are a number of techniques that firms can use to make emails even more effective when they are opened on mobile devices, with ten of the best suggestions included below.

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3 Alternative Ways To Maximize Your Marketing

Maximize Your Marketing

If you’re a business owner, then chances are, you’ll be pleased to have seen the turning of a brand new year. Why? Because, it seems that for many, 2012 consisted of a continual struggle for survival in the ever-growing, dog-eat-dog business world. In fact, 2012 was littered with thousands of businesses falling at the weigh side because of it.

So, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are now looking for brand new, innovative ways to set their business apart from their competitors in 2013. And, one of they key ways in which a business are trying to do this is through their marketing strategy. After all, a good marketing campaign is the key to bringing in new business, new clients, new customers and ultimately, new profits.

So, if you’re a business owner looking to start 2013 as top dog in your field, then here are 3 alternative ways to boost your company’s profile, that will help you to do just that.

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Content Marketing: The Present Phase of Online Marketing?

Content Marketing

In the present online paradigm, owing to lack of time or increased awareness, consumers have simply shut-off the traditional world of the internet marketing. They simply ignore the magazine advertisements, mark the advertorial mails as spam and have become so efficient in the online surfing that they can simply extract the required information without bothering for the banners or the pop-ups(thus, making them useless).

Smart marketers have understood that such traditional marketing practices are not as effective as earlier, thus drafting down to the content marketing as the present and future of the online marketing.

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