Content Marketing: The Present Phase of Online Marketing?

In the present online paradigm, owing to lack of time or increased awareness, consumers have simply shut-off the traditional world of the internet marketing. They simply ignore the magazine advertisements, mark the advertorial mails as spam and have become so efficient in the online surfing that they can simply extract the required information without bothering for the banners or the pop-ups(thus, making them useless).

Smart marketers have understood that such traditional marketing practices are not as effective as earlier, thus drafting down to the content marketing as the present and future of the online marketing.

Content Marketing

We could only assume its need but to presume it, I have charted down few points that favors the primacy of the content marketing in the online world:

  • Creates curiosity: Content is basically the useful information that we can find on internet. And the Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing that relevant content. The emphasis in this case is not on your product but on the information that makes the consumers read, think and react.
  • Non-interruptive: The traditional form of marketing included the product promotions with add-ons and banners thus, easily neglected by the consumers where as the content marketing are non interruption services. This means that instead of promoting your product endlessly, you provide the consumers with the information that adds to his knowledge. The essence lies in the belief that if we provide the customers with the relevant and benefiting information, they’ll reward us with the business opportunities.
  • Customer relevance: The information provided in the Content marketing is relevant to the customers while being somehow related to the company’s niche. Thus, the customer reads through the content and if he finds it to be interesting, the chances of his looking up for the company’s product become high.
  • Broad range: Content is a broad term. It can be in the form of a video, slide shares or info graphics. It also provides the companies with the facility to reuse the content with the purpose. The textual content can be reproduced and reused in slides. An idea about the target audience is also a major helping factor.
  • Increased visibility: A research has proved that the blogs on the company sites receives 54% more views than the other content of the websites. Thus, you can write interesting blogs as per niche, thus prompting the audience to know about your business and products.
  • Increase in trust level: Blogs are proved to influence the customers more about a product than the magazines. Thus, with the high trust levels, the popularity of your product will increase along with the customer base retention.
  • Related promotions: The promotional cost of the companies can drastically reduce with the combined promotion of the complimentary services. For e.g. the removal services London can promote their blogs along with the home Realtor services. This does not just reduce the promotional cost but also increase the chances of the consumer reception.

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