Why Smartphones and Tablets Are Integral Parts Of Our Lives

When they first arrived, cell phones were just that: phones. You called people, they called you. End of story. Now, of course, smartphones exceed that functionality many times over. A tiny device in a purse, pocket, or belt clip has replaced a whole briefcase full of items.

One of the most important developments that has made this possible has been effective touch-screen technology. Think of the thousands of different things that you can input on your phone. The ability to open an app and get a unique set of controls is only possible because we don’t need separate buttons for every single function. This also made possible the advent of tablets, for times when larger screens are necessary without the bulk of a heavy keyboard.

Speaking of cell phones, they are now so indispensable that we are helpless without them. That’s why an iPhone 6 screen protector, the right provider, and access to a charging source can be the difference between success and failure in some circumstances.

The following areas reflect just how much our cell phones and tablets help us in daily life. And as impressive as they are, these just scratch the surface of what’s ahead.

They Do Our Remembering

It used to require a calendar at home, one on the desk, and one in the pocket to make sure that everywhere we had to be was properly stored for our busy minds to keep up with. Now that we have cell phones and tablets, we can be miles away from pens or paper and still quickly enter important upcoming dates while being reminded of what’s going on right now. And the reminders are passive; we don’t have to open a calendar to see where we have to go today. When we enter the item, we enter a reminder that alerts us in time to make the deadline.

They Give Us Freedom

The old belief that you have to be chained to your desk to be successful is fading away. Now productivity and inspiration know no geographical limits. You could be hiking the Appalachian Trail when a million-dollar idea comes to you, and all you have to do is send a text or email, create a memo, or make a phone call to get things underway. Could you imagine waiting until the next trailhead to get in contact with someone?

We also don’t have to be utterly lost to our workplaces or families when one takes us away from the other. A relative’s illness during your business trip can be easily monitored via social media. And if you suddenly need to get to that bedside, you can handle all the travel arrangements during the next coffee break.

They Entertain Us

This is far more than funny cat memes. We can navigate books, music, games, sports, movies, television and more from anywhere. There’s no need to find space in your carry-on for enough books to cover the flight time. You don’t need a bucket full of batteries to fuel a Walkman. Everything is right there in your device, compact, accessible, and unbelievably sharp and clear.

You can expand your entertainment interests more easily, too. That long flight could place you next to a passenger with an intriguing read. In just seconds, you can download it and enjoy it yourself.

And enjoyment is ultimately what this is all about–even for work functions–because you can carry out thousands of functions with a single device that saves you time, money, and energy, and that gives you the time, money, and energy to do things that you enjoy.

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