Do I Need a GoPro?

The GoPro line of active cameras is a staple of extreme sports videos, allowing intrepid adventurers to document their unique experiences like never before. However, GoPro cameras have a number of advantages over standard camera types that can make it attractive to casual users, particularly those who use their smartphones as their primary photography equipment.

Unique Perspectives

Along with the first-person perspective that has become the signature viewpoint of the GoPro line, these cameras are also designed to be used in other creative ways. There are an array of available mounts that allow video capture from various perspectives, including a three-way mount that can effective serve as a horizontal tripod for one of a kind motion shots.

Active Design

Unlike smartphone cameras, the GoPro line features a design intended to keep photographers in the moment by minimizing their required input. Not only does the mounted position of the typical GoPro configuration allow for hands-free use, it also eliminates the need to constantly stare at the viewfinder for a more immersive experience in action.

From cracked screens to water damage, smartphones are extraordinarily susceptible to damage and cannot be safely used to record many outdoor activities. For this reason, GoPro cameras are also much more durable than standard cameras, made to withstand the rigors of use in some of the world’s most extreme environments, and are also highly water-resistant for worry-free recording on beaches, cruises, and other water-based environments.

Video Quality

Although some select models such as the iPhone 6S are outfitted with high-resolution imaging equipment that are far superior to most smartphones and are excellent for day-to-day use, they still present no comparison for modern professional quality camera equipment. The GoPro Hero4 Black in particular can capture 120 frames per second at 1080p, allowing ultra high-definition video in real speed as well as a super slow motion mode. It also has a feature known as HiLite Tags, which allows users to quickly mark an outstanding segment of footage for later reference, and you can get the GoPro 4 black at any Harvey Norman.

Smartphones have become a more viable alternative to dedicated camera equipment, but with its range of advanced features, the GoPro is still an excellent upgrade for photographers who want to capture high quality action video. The GoPro is designed to boldly go where smartphones are typically less than ideal, making it the only way to safely capture some of life’s most spectacular shots.

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