Tablet Battle – Which One Will You Choose?

Tablet PC

Fleeting are the days when you hear the word “tablet” it automatically meant the “bitter pill” you are forced to swallow when you get sick. Well, there are still medicines that come in tablet forms, and thank God for them, we are relieved from our fever.

But today comes the fever for the new tablets which mean computer tablets or mobile computers that use touch screen functions instead of a the usual keyboard. It’s usually bigger than the average mobile phone and hosts multiple applications, and more complicated technology. Envy one? Here are three of the best PC tablets you may consider buying if you don’t have one.

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Optimize Your Website for Tablets


With Amazon’s Kindle competing with iPad 2 tablets are here to stay.

Although most tablets’ screen resolution matches that of the desktop, yet a different version is required for tablets? This is mainly to improve the user experience.

We use mouse clicks and keyboards for desktops while with tablets, we use finger sweeps and on-screen keyboards.

To succeed in this ever growing space, you’ll need to serve a touch optimized version of your website.

So what makes tablet optimization different from optimization for desktop users.

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5 Drawbacks of Owning a Touchscreen

iPad 2

First the iPad Touch came and introduced us to touchscreen interfaces. Then the iPhone was released and allowed us to contact all of our friends and acquaintances by just tapping a screen. When the iPad came out, it introduced us to a world of computing without a mouse, keyboard, or need for a desk. The touchscreen technology has changed the way we do digital business. While using your fingers to navigate a device is cool, there are certain drawbacks to always having to rely on a touchscreen.

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