What to Do If Your Android Phone is Stolen or Lost

Samsung Smartphone

Are you a victim of phone theft? Whether you’re worried about the data the phone holds or its value, having your phone stolen is always frustrating. Still, losing your phone doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. It takes a few seconds for your phone to disappear. You forget it on the store’s counter and the next customer simply puts it in his pocket.

DIY Smartphone Projector for Less Than $10 [Infographic]

DIY Projector Infographic

Do it yourself projects sometimes seem intimidating to people who don’t consider themselves “crafty”, however you don’t have to be a craft-savvy DIY pro for this project. Arts and crafts are fun and functional when it comes to creating this neat projector box for a smartphone.

Anyone can gather these eight common and inexpensive items in no time at all; in fact, most of them are probably lying around your house or tucked into a drawer. Using the easy to follow and detailed step by step guide, the creation is very simple.

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