6 Reasons Why Expandable Memory on a Smartphone is a Good Thing

Cloud storage seems like a popular, convenient, and cheap way to store and access your files from anywhere. Many popular smartphones don’t come equipped with expandable memory, so questioning cloud storage isn’t an option.

Find out why expandable memory can be a preferred alternative to cloud storage and why you may want to consider a smartphone with this ability for your next purchase.

1. No monthly fees

Similar to many popular internet services today, storing files in the cloud comes with a monthly fee. While that fee may stand at only $10 a month, the costs add up quickly when considering your other monthly bills and subscriptions.

Many will argue that expandable memory is more expensive and harder to access, but when purchasing a micro SD card, you pay a one-time fee and can easily switch the card for use among your devices.

2. Access to files from anywhere — even without Wi-Fi connectivity

Let’s say you have a long flight or are driving through an underdeveloped area. You open up your mobile device to play your favorite tracks, but you don’t have internet access, and your music is stored in the cloud.

It looks like you’ll be marching to the beat of your own drum.

With expandable memory options, you have the power to reach all your media files, even in remote areas where Wi-Fi and mobile data services can’t be reached.

Having this feature will save you much of the frustration that comes from not being able to access your files when you need them the most.

3. No privacy leaks

While you may not be a highly publicized personality with sensitive data, you — as we all do — probably have some private files you’d rather keep to yourself.

Storing your data on the internet makes it more vulnerable to being leaked to the public, a situation that can easily be eliminated by implementing expandable memory use. Making the simple decision to store information physically, rather than digitally, adds an extra cushion of protection to your private life.

4. Easily expandable

Some cloud users might argue that micro SD cards don’t offer enough storage space. However, cards come in a variety of storage sizes, and if you run out of space, purchasing an extra card is cheap and easy.

Plus, many smartphones and tablets support expandable memory options, so you won’t have to feel limited when making a purchase.

5. Freedom of choice

Purchasing a smartphone with the option to expand beyond the internal memory provided is always the best choice. If you use cloud storage as a home for your files, you shouldn’t eliminate devices with expandable options from your wish list or dismiss the benefits that physical storage provides.

Being able to make choices over ways you use your devices is great, but when you purchase devices that allow for internal or cloud storage only, you give up the option to make choices.

Purchasing a mobile device, such as the new Galaxy S7, will give you the choice to store your files using expandable memory options or online storage services.

An added benefit when making this choice is that you can always have a double storage space for your information for added protection.

6. More memory, less to remember

Many of us live through hectic schedules; some days we wish we had expandable memory for ourselves. Having an expandable memory feature on your mobile device, however, can help free up some space in your mind.

Eliminating monthly fees not only helps your wallet, but also allows you to not worry about remembering to make those payments again. Missing payments can add unwanted fees and harm your credit.

You’ll also never have to remember a password when working with micro SD cards. Who needs another password to remember?

Whether you want to have added security attached to your files, one less monthly subscription to worry about, or the freedom to access your files in areas where they were once inaccessible, having expandable memory is the best option to simplify your life.

When purchasing your next device, be sure to choose smart and select a device that supports expandable memory options.

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