This is How Semiconductors are Redesigning the Future of Machines and Humans

Cars, TVs, laptops, internet routers, smartphones or any other electronic device – what’s common between all of these? Semiconductors. There are millions of semiconductors in practically any electronic equipment that you pick up.

They have revolutionized the technology and electronic landscape.

Semiconductors are materials that have electrical conductivity between conductors like metals and insulators like ceramics. The extent of electricity a semiconductor allows depends on the material and its mixture content.

Semiconductors can be insulators at low temperatures and conductors at higher temperatures. Semiconductors play an important role in our lives from the time we wake up, until we go to sleep.

Semiconductors are undoubtedly the present of machines and technology. Now they are all set to redefine machine design in the future and make our lives even more comfortable. Read on to find out how.

Streamline and Improve Infrastructure
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Streamline and improve infrastructure

These microchips are the core of all electronic systems. Social infrastructure, today is heavily dependent on and propelled by technology. Semiconductors are the future of technology.

With constant research and upgrading happening in semiconductor manufacturing and functioning, we are going to see an overall improvement in all aspects of our life, and especially infrastructure.

Energy, communications, transportation, and health care sector will see massive developments. What this translates for you is a quicker, and more efficient medical network with better care and organization facilities.

Cars will be another sector where semiconductors will assume a central role. The semiconductor content in vehicles is increasing, with mid-range cars containing $350 worth of semiconductor content.

New semiconductor technology will enhance the use of trains, internet and bank ATMs. The industrial sector will adopt semiconductor technology governed logistics systems that will be more efficient, help save energy, and promote preservation of global environment.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
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Create Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Semiconductors are going to enhance our driving experience. A significant aspect of this will be noticed in car-mounted semiconductors. There already exists several types of car-mounted semiconductors.

In the future, more semiconductors will be used for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The overall driving experience will go notches higher with ADAS applications like Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) , Automative Emergency Braking (AEB) and more.

All of these features will be driven by advancement and growth in the semiconductor segment. Ultimately the quest is to create automated, driverless vehicles on a large scale.

This will require advanced sensors, powerful processors and sophisticated connectors, all of which require semiconductors.

Reduce Dependence and Usage of Inorganic-based Electronics
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Reduce dependence and usage of inorganic-based electronics

The conventional form of electronics that we know of are the inorganic-based electronics that are expensive and have heavy power consumption.

Organic electronics such as displays, photovoltaics, electronic components and circuits fare better than inorganic electronics as they are cheaper, sturdy, optically transparent, lightweight, and most importantly, have very low power consumption.

Organic displays in electronics will move into an interesting realm in the coming future. Think wide viewing angle, low operating voltage, high brightness and fast response time.

There is a lot of ongoing research in the field of Organic Field Effect Transistor (OFET) devices and Organic Light Emitting Diodes. The results can be highly exciting and foray into an absolutely diverse range of applications.

Organic Field Effect Transistors are the electrical building blocks of organic electrical circuits. They are used in displays, electronic artificial skin, smart digital gadgets and human-machine interface. Semiconductors are at the center of organic electronics. In simple terms, digital support and technological solution processing will become less expensive, and more accessible.

Better, Faster and Cheaper Electronics
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Better, faster and cheaper electronics

As a consequence of all the research and development in semiconductors, the benefits will trickle down to the masses, and we will have more advanced and less expensive electronics.

Semiconductors are the essential component of electronic devices. Semiconductors can be insulators at low temperatures and conductors at high temperatures.

They are classified into two categories: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic semiconductors are pure and are poor conductors. When we add small amounts of impurity to this element, it turns into an extrinsic semiconductor.

When the types of extrinsic semiconductor come together, they generate devices with special electrical properties which allow control of electric signals. We would literally have a world without smart electronics if semiconductors were not discovered.

It is true that vacuum tubes can be used to replace them, but they can never make the devices as reliable, fast, cheap and compact as semiconductors.

These microchips are what are responsible single-handedly for the miniaturization of electronic devices, higher accessibility, and affordable pricing.

After all, who can forget that the first computer was almost the size of two double-decker buses, and even as recent as 1984, we were buying phones that were 2lbs and 30 minutes talk time for as high as $4000.

The technological landscape has become way more powerful, and in the coming years, it’s only going to get better, faster, more convenient and cheaper, with more prevalent and advanced use of semiconductors.

Strengthens the Defense System
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Strengthens the defense system

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Semiconductors play an important role in the defense and security of the country, and they will continue to do so. This can be substantiated through USA’s example.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) have developed a new semiconductor that gives the military an edge through advanced electronic warfare.

This particular development enables the military to execute spectrum-dependent military capabilities like communication and radar without allowing the enemy to disable or jam them.

This will be a huge strategic advantage for US military, and will help the US maintain global military leadership.


Besides all the above technological advancements and digital comforts, semiconductors are also important as they are an integral part of the economic growth of the company.

From global semiconductor manufacturer giants like Intel and Samsung to recent Asian market leader in semiconductor and electronic components distributor, DigSemi, the semiconductor industry generates a massive amount of jobs.

The salaries are also relatively higher than other industries and they contribute to a large chunk of the country’s exports too.

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