A Simple Guide To The Tech Behind Online Video

H264 has been the bratty high school cheerleader for a while now; it’s popular just because it is. It produces very small compact file sizes (no one likes a fat cheer leader) and it doesn’t compromise on quality (no one likes an ugly cheer leader either). Like any popular cheerleader, this codec also comes with a trust fund and some very over protective parents. Okay the analogy is starting to get silly now.

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Glasses-Free 3D Products

We all love the 3D theatre experience, but the glasses can be a pain, so finding glasses-free 3D products can be important. It’s a good thing we watch movies in the dark because we look ridiculous. The glasses themselves are not only uncomfortable, but when using them with home theatre systems they can easily become lost or broken. When will we be able to enjoy 3D without having to wear these ugly spectacles?

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