3 Internet Speed Tips for Better Online Gaming

3 Internet Speed Tips for Better Online Gaming

One of the greatest things that came along with faster broadband internet access is the ability to play online games from anywhere in the world with people from other parts of the world. One thing most people complain about, though, when it comes to playing games online is speed. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to play World of Warcraft, EVE Online or any other form of online game, you need better internet speeds to be able to enjoy your time.

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While you might have better internet speeds already, it doesn’t hurt to take things a step further. In this article I will be sharing 3 points with you to help you get better internet speeds for online gaming.

3 Internet Speed Tips for Better Online Gaming

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1. Consider Upgrading Your Broadband Internet

A lot of new online gamers make the mistake of thinking that the fact that they already have a broadband internet connection means they can play games online. It is important for you to realize that not all broadband internet connection can play online games and the fact that your internet connection opens websites at blazing speed doesn’t mean it qualifies to play online games. You need to realize that online games use very large bandwidth, and as a result need a super fast internet connection to work. These speeds might not have an impact on how websites load for you, but they sure can have a significant impact on your experience with online gaming.

Personally, I don’t recommend you use any internet connection not up to 5mbps for online gaming. If you have a faster broadband internet connection then that is better, but you might not enjoy your internet experience with a slower internet connection.

2. Use a Proxy Software Application to Get Better Throughput

One thing about online gaming is that your latency is of more importance than the speed of your broadband internet connection. For example, if you have a broadband internet connection that provides download speeds of around 7mbps, you still might not enjoy a better online gaming experience if you have poor latency. It is one thing to have faster internet, it is another thing to enjoy better latency. In computing, latency is the time it takes for a packet of data to travel from one point to another. In other words, if you have better latency the gaming server will quickly be notified as soon as data is transferred from you and as a result give you faster results.

If you have a fast internet connection but you need better latency then you might want to try a proxy application to see how it works for you. A great example for you to work with is the Your Freedom software.

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3. Work on a Better Computer

The impact of your computer as far as getting better gaming speeds should never be discounted. Whenever you play online games the gaming servers will have to connect to your computer, and as a result use your computer to help your experience. You can get better results by ensuring your computer is fast and reliable. That means you should work on increasing your disk space, getting a better RAM memory, disabling background updates etc. Always make sure you keep your computer in good order as it will always affect your internet speed.

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13 Responses to “3 Internet Speed Tips for Better Online Gaming”

  1. terry says:

    this was not helpful at all i think we already thought about upgrading your broadband stupid advise

  2. Stefan says:

    Rather common sense advice here. Get better broadband or a better computer… not a whole lot of arguing over those two. A proxy server tends to do more harm that good though. You’re just adding more complexity to the connection, and often that can reduce your speed.

  3. KJ says:

    I’d never thought about that latency issue before – I’d always just assumed it was all about the broadband speed. Thanks fro the tip

  4. falah iraq says:

    I am in iraq and we have avery low speed internet connection about 25 kb/s i repeat 25 kb/s and i play the most modern games (battlefield 3) with servers in uk with noooooooo lagging .

    the most important thing in online gaming is ping only .
    and ping depend on the type of your connection and distance from the server you want to play

    • ANDREAS says:

      THX !! i was worried about that 😀 , i am in lebanon and my speed is also around 25 kb , i was worried about laging in battle filed 3 !!

    • james says:

      i agree with you. I have cable internet right now and during the day my download is 12 mb/s and ping
      40. At night download speed goes down to 1 or 2 mb/s and ping up to 300. It gets unplayable. I think I might switch to dsl for a consistent ping of 50 and a download speed around 2 or 3mb/s. I can’t really get anything faster than that here in this part of Canada. Any suggestions on this would be welcome.

  5. DanDooley says:

    The computer games using high end graphics require are usually are difficult to play online because they require high speed connections and slight lack can destroy the taste of playing these games.

  6. Sync Android says:

    Computer specs will affect your playing environment of game online and I agree with you on this thing.

  7. Jack says:

    Good tips.

    I had to use a RAM optimizer to clean up some RAM so that flash games could work better. But yeah, I had very less RAM at that time, if I recall correctly.

  8. Jake Black says:

    I think I’ll go for the 2nd advice first. It’s more interesting than the other 2. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Jeanie says:

    In my mind, the most important tip is the last one. I think that almost everything while playing games depends on your computer’s state. If you have any problems with it, then probably it will be too difficult for you to play, and probably it won’t be as fast as you want it to be

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