DVD-R and DVD+R Explained

I have recently began archiving my digital pictures and videos, and would eventually begin archiving film, slides and other photographs. The collection and space requirements will be quite large as there is much to back up. I have decided to archive it all to multiple DVD discs. This got me to thinking about which discs to use for my archiving. Obviously, I want good quality discs (please read How Long Will a CD-R last? for more details) but I then thought about the two competing DVD standards: DVD-R and DVD+R.

I decided to research the two formats and determine which one I should choose for archiving. I explain my findings in this post.

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AOL Users – Multiple IP Addresses

A few days ago I was in a forum and someone mentioned that they noticed a discrepancy in their Web server logs. A visitor to their Web site was an AOL user, but they appeared to be making several requests from different IP addresses. If you are on dialup, you will probably get a different … Read more

What is a Device Driver?

You have probably connected several devices to your computer, a printer, scanner, or digital camera, and sometimes Windows would recognize the device without difficulty. Other times, however, the device was now recognized by Windows, and you couldn’t use the device. The reason Windows couldn’t recognize the device was because it didn’t have a device driver … Read more

Digital Camera Memory Cards

The digital camera has changed the way people take pictures. It is now easier to take a picture, decide if we want to keep it, and delete it if we don’t. Some cameras even allow you to apply effects to your pictures, such as colour replacing. How are digital cameras able to do this? Pictures … Read more

How Long Will a CD-R Last?

I recently wrote a post called Backing Up Digital Photos where I outlined the various backup media you can use. I discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the various media. After the post I decided to talk more about the longevity of a CD/DVD, since that is probably the most used media for backups.

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