Why Small Businesses Should Look at CDW Data Storage Solutions

CDW Data Storage

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CDW for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you own a small business, then you know how important your data is. Everything from documents to e-mail needs to be properly stored, and also backed up in a protected server.

CDW can easily help small businesses manage their important files by providing storage management and virtualization solutions that will work for any small business.

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SugarSync Cloud Backup Service Review

SugarSync Logo

SugarSync has rapidly been gaining popularity and has managed to become one of the leading cloud backup services on the market. With generous free storage, hands-free backup and easy recovery options, your files will be safe with SugarSync, no matter what device you use. This SugarSync review covers the important features that make this cloud backup software such a great value and excellent choice for both home and business users.

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Looking for Affordable and Unlimited Online Backup? Try Backblaze

Unlimited Data Backup With Backblaze

I am obsessed with backing up my data. I have five kids, and thousands of photos, and many videos of them, so losing my data is not an option. I’m sure you may be in a similar situation, and may have your own backup solution, or have been thinking about creating a way to backup your files.

At the beginning of last year I wrote a post that mentioned how my online backup supplier, Mozy, was changing their pricing structure that made it too expensive for me to continue using their service. They had a good service, but their pricing made it touch to stay with them. I had a plan with Mozy that expired in June of this year, and up to that time I have looked for a replacement online backup service provider. Earlier this year I found a new service called Backblaze that has once again made it affordable to backup my files online.

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Do You Backup or Store Your Data?

Online Backup

With Google’s announcement introducing Google Drive, I have been thinking more about how I store my data. When it comes to storing data, it seems the cloud is becoming a more popular choice, especially for those that wish to share their files.

When I view the data storage options on the cloud I am always wondering how I can use such a service for saving all of my data files. I then came to realization that services such as Dropbox and Google Drive aren’t what I need when it comes to backing up my data. There are two ways to look at how you save your data.

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A Server is a Computer That You Can Create at Home

Old Desktop Computer

If you happen to have an old computer at home, then you can create a home storage server since a server is a computer.

Most people tend to already have a network installed at home since many use broadband Internet with a router, so it may make sense to make use of an old computer to create a centrally located storage server.

While the old desktop may not become a high performance file server, it can easily be converted to storing your file to help you backup your data.

On top of that, you can also share the data stored on your home file storage server with any computer connected to the network.

Create one or more backup file servers is easy to do, and I’ll touch on how you can go about doing it in this post.

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My Data Backup Solution to Keep My Data Safe

Drive Backup

A few months ago I noticed that Mozy was changing their pricing structure so I needed to develop a new data backup solution. Mozy’s new pricing structure made it unaffordable for me to use them for regular data backup solution, so I had to change how I backup my data.

After I had won a license of Handy Backup from Michael Aulia from Craving Tech I decided that it would be a good solution for my data backup dilemma. After thinking about me new data backup solution, I decided to begin to put the solution in place.

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Handy Backup – A Great Addition to My Backup Process

Handy Backup

I think my search for finding a way to backup my data after Mozy has ended with Handy Backup. Since I discovered that Mozy was changing their pricing policy, and determining that the new prices were going to be too high for me, I have been looking for an alternative way of backing up my data. I knew that I needed software to assist with backing up my data, and I also needed a new plan to work with the software, so with Handy Backup I think I have found a new method.

When developing my process, I didn’t want to stray to far from my current one, with the exception of the online storage. With the amount of data (320+ GB) that I need to backup, and the fact that it is growing substantially each year, it seems only offline backup would work. By the looks of it, Handy Backup is just the software I need.

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What I Have Used for Data Backup

Drive Backup

I take data backup seriously, especially since a lot of my data are digital photos and videos that I can’t reproduce. Most of the photos and videos that I backup are of my children, so losing them because of a hard drive crash is not an option. It is this reason that I have created a backup process to ensure I have more than one copy of my files, with multiple copies stored offsite.

In past posts I have discussed my backup process. In this post I will focus on the hardware and media that I have used to keep my data safe from any disaster that may happen. I currently use Mozy to backup my data online, but I am exploring other options for the future because Mozy will be too expensive for me next year.

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