Data Backup

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I am obsessed with backing up my data. I have five kids, and thousands of photos, and many videos of them, so losing my data is not an option. I’m sure you may be in a similar situation, and may have your own backup solution, or have been thinking about creating a way to backup your files. At the beginning of last year I wrote a post that mentioned how my online backup supplier, Mozy, was changing their pricing structure that made it too expensive for me to continue using their service.

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What I Have Used for Data Backup

I take data backup seriously, especially since a lot of my data are digital photos and videos that I can’t reproduce. Most of the photos and videos that I backup are of my children, so losing them because of a hard drive crash is not an option. It is this reason that I have created a backup process to ensure I have more than one copy of my files, with multiple copies stored offsite.

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