How to Backup Data in Windows XP

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I take backing up data very seriously. I have a lot of digital photos and several home videos that I have taken and have currently backed up. The main reason that I backup my data is that the data can’t be replaced, and I don’t want to lose any of the files.

Many people probably don’t think about backing up their data until it is too late. What they don’t know is that it isn’t hard to backup their data using the “Backup” tool that is include with Windows XP. It may not rich in features, but it can help to keep your data safe. Let’s see how to use the tool to backup your data.

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What Data Files to Backup on Your Computer

I have written many posts regarding backing up data on your computer. There are many methods that you can use to backup your data, such as CD/DVDs, external hard drives, USB flash drives, or an online data backup service. With so many options it is important to regularily backup your data.

The question many of you may ask is what should you backup? With a lot of data being stored on your hard drive, it could be hard to determine what data files to backup. In this post I will provide a simple list you can use to help narrow down the files you should remember to backup.

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10 Excuses Why You Didn’t Back Up

This is a guest post.

Dell recently released a report that was produced in partnership with the Ponemon Institute, where they surveyed over 800 people across 106 airports in order to find out more about how/why laptops get stolen or go missing during business travel, and what could be done about it.

According to the report, over 12,000 laptops go missing or stolen every week in US airports. That comes to about 1 laptop every 8 minutes. And even more interesting, was the discovery that 42% of respondents did not back up their data.

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5 Reasons to Backup Data Online

Online Backup

I have written many posts in the past regarding data backup. I regularly backup my data, especially the data I can’t replace, such as digital photos or videos. I have seen hard drives and entire computers
fail, and all data stored on them lost completely.

There are many methods to backing up your data, including DVDs, external hard drives, and USB flash drives. In this post I’ll talk about why online backup may be good choice to include in your backup strategy. I currently use online backup for all my data, but let’s look at 5 good reasons you can also backup online.

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Four Months of Using Mozy

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I have written several posts regarding backing up your data. I have mentioned many different forms of media that you can use to keep your data safe. Over the past four months I have been using an online backup solution called Mozy.

While I have written about Mozy in the past, I will sum up my experiences thus far with using the online solution, including the pros and cons of using Mozy.

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Data Archiving Method

I have recently begun backing up my data such as photos (both digital and film), videos, and other files so that in case something happens, I will not lose my irreplaceable data. There is always much discussion on the best ways to archive data, and I have my way. Many may agree and disagree with … Read more

Backing Up Digital Photos

There is much discussion on the Internet about the best method for backing up digital photos. Some say CD/DVDs are the best media, while others prefer hard drives or tapes. In my opinion there is no right way to back up digital photos as each method has its advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss the … Read more