How to Avoid Expensive Computer Repairs [Infographic]

How to Avoid Expensive Computer Repairs

There are many issues that can occur with computers, and most of the time those issues can be a cause of frustration and even anger. Most parts that make up a computer can fail at any time, which can result in an expensive repair bill.

While not all failures can be prevented all the time, there are many things you can do to prevent some of the more common issues that you may face. Taking care of your computer can go a long way to helping you avoid expensive computer repairs.

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What are the Potential Alternatives to Google Glass?

Google Glass

Google has always been a bit of a divisive beast. The search engine is obviously useful (try searching for Lenovo products in your Yellow Pages) but they too seem a bit too powerful sometimes. Their hands-free Google Glass headset generated a reasonable amount of controversy, as well as some mixed reviews. However, that didn’t prevent a number of companies deciding to try something similar.

Today, we’re going to take a look at those alternative to Google Glass, perfect for those that like the idea of the Glass but don’t like the idea of Google getting any more of their cash than is strictly necessary.

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Interesting Gadget: A Portable Smartphone Printer – LG PD239

A Portable Smartphone Printer - LG PD239

Smartphones are the number one method for taking photos these days. They have technically replaced the point-and-shoot camera as the main way of easily taking snapshots. The most popular way of sharing those photos remains the online route – through social networks and blogs. Printing such photos, however, can be more of a pain than simply using your phone to upload the photos.

If you do want to print photos, you can easily print them with a portable smartphone printer from LG called the PD239. This small, portable smartphone printer may change the way you share some of your photos, since you can now easily give out physical photos to your friends and family, without waiting for those photos to be printed at a photo lab or at home.

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Most Popular Ways to Accessorize Your Mac

Accessorize Your Mac

If you’re looking into buying one of Apple’s prime selection of computers or already have one, you might be surprised to know that you’re still not reaching the peak of what a computer can do. All that can change with the purchase of some simple accessories.

In this article we look at what goods you’ll need to really get the most from your Mac device, whether it’s professional work or throwing it in your bag for some on-the-move computing. Even these powerful computers have gaps in their functionality that need to be filled, so don’t be caught out. The MacBook Air is the device of the moment, and you can browse a huge range on sites like if you need inspiration on which one to plump for.

Here are some popular items you can use to accessorize your Mac.

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Is Owning an iPhone 5 at All Costs Really Worth It? [Infographic]

Is owning an iPhone 5 at all costs really worth it?

Not so long ago, the iPhone 5 was released by Apple amid much fanfare. As well as pleasing existing iPhone users, it also ticked quite a few boxes for those considering a change from rival Android smartphones in terms of ease of use, looks and features. However, as you might expect, it costs a small fortune to buy and own on a monthly contract, putting some sensible smartphone users off.

Despite the price tag, there will be a few people who will spend some of their hard-earned cash on the iPhone 5, even if owning one may be beyond their means. Those on lower incomes parting with their money to get the latest iPhone might not realize how expensive it actually is, whether it’s for buying apps or using data.

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You Won’t Believe How Long Your Computer Will Last

How Long Will My Computer Last?

With Microsoft’s support ending for Windows XP, many people are looking to move to one of the newer versions of Windows – either Windows 7 (my preferred version), or Windows 8. I have been recently looking at helping someone upgrade a Windows XP system to a newer version of Windows, and have run into a bit of a snag. The desktop is old, and isn’t compatible with Windows 8. Windows 8 requires the processor to have the NX (No-eXecute) bit technology, and the processor in the desktop doesn’t have this technology.

This got me to thinking how long a typical desktop will last if someone was to buy it new today. The thought is that computers go obsolete the moment you bring it home. That is a thought that hasn’t been relevant in probably 10 years. In fact, for many people a new desktop computer can probably last longer than any computing device they may buy.

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How to Install a New Larger Hard Drive into an Otherwise Working Windows System

Install a New Larger Hard Drive into an Otherwise Working Windows System

It may seem like a difficult chore to move your system and all your files from one hard to a newer, larger hard drive. There are tools available that can take much of the work of moving to a larger hard drive out of your hands.

Below are instructions, provided by Dave Baxter, that explain how he moved from an 80GB hard drive to a 250GB hard drive on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.

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