How to Capture Stunning Silhouettes


Silhouette photography is a unique style of shooting the outline of a scene or object. The interior normally remains featureless and appears black. Clicking a silhouette image is not rocket science. This image is clicked by pitching the light from the background and not lighting the object form the front. Silhouettes are usually unique, interesting and beautiful.

I love silhouette photos for their simplicity and creativity. Normally, they do not appear in bright colors but they convey clear messages. Silhouette photos are at their best during sunrise and sunset.

However, they are sometimes taken underwater as well. The black, orange and red colors on the images give a pleasant feeling. So, how to shoot such stunning silhouettes? I have compiled a few tips for you on how to capture stunning silhouettes.

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Tips to Capture High Quality Photos in Low Light Conditions

Low Light Photography

The advancements in technology have led to the design and development of highly sophisticated digital cameras. Even small ‘point and shoot’ cameras are handy in capturing highly sophisticated photos which was only possible through the use of SLR cameras in the past. Obviously, the technology gives you an edge.

However, you should have the required minimum skill to capture bright and stunning visuals even in low light conditions (especially during night times and when the ambience is poorly illuminated).

Let us go through some useful tips to make your photographic journey more enjoyable as you capture high quality photos in low light conditions.

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Creative Ways To Perfect A Less Than Perfect Photo

The Photographer

Have you ever been out photographing all day only to come home and find out you are not happy with anything you shot? When that happens we are often tempted to erase our memory card and live with the dismay. In today’s digital age there is no need for dismay. There are a myriad of creative ways to perfect a less than perfect photo.

No matter your level of expertise you should have some type of graphics editor. In fact it’s highly likely some type of editing software came with your camera. If not some popular software to choose from include Adobe Photoshop or Elements, Corel’s Paint Shop Pro or even the popular and free Gimp.

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Learn How To Break Into Sports Photography!

Sports Photographer

Photography is an extensive profession and sports photography is a well-established part of that realm. Choosing sports photography as your career path means you will have to work hard to break into a world of professionals who are great at what they do. The competition is intense, so be prepared for it before you step up your game from amateur sports photographer to a hard-core sports photo journalist! Now enter the field with knowledge and know-how at your fingertips!

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Photo Event Organizer – Organize Photos From Your Camera In Events

Photo Event Organizer

If you take many digital photos then Photo Event Organizer can be really beneficial for you.

If you have a camera, which I think most of the people have nowadays, the photos are stored in the memory of camera.

The photos taken from the camera have one problem that the file name is a sequence of letters and numbers which increments with every new photo.

It is a huge task to organize these photos especially when there are thousands of photos taken from the camera.

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Taking Great Photographs: Wedding Photography Tips

Canon EOS 60D DSLR

Your nephew finally popped the question to his girlfriend, and you were thrilled. But he had another big question to ask: “Would you take photos at our wedding?”

Before fleeing the country with extra batteries and your digital camera, know that a list of wedding photography tips can turn you from a frantic relative to a calm amateur ready to make a couple’s day even more special.

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Take Lasting Memories with Maternity Photography

Canon EOS 60D DSLR

Maternity photography is a wonderful way to capture memories of your pregnancy. Having a visual record of the way your body looked can be valuable. It can serve as an important reminder of your strength and capability. Just looking at photos of your strong and powerful pregnant self can give you the strength to get through teething, the terrible twos, or any of the other parenting challenges that await you in the years ahead. Whether you love being pregnant or just want your baby to come out already, you will want to take at least a few pregnancy pictures before the big day.

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Do You Want to Take Better Digital Photos?

Scott Kelby Boxed Set

I’ll admit right up front that I am not a great digital photographer, so I am always looking to take better digital photos. I can take some great shots from time to time, but there are many times I look at the pictures and think, “what did I do?” It is all part of the learning process – I learn by doing not by taking classes. If I take a bad digital photo I always like to analyze why the photo didn’t work out the way I had intended.