Learn How To Break Into Sports Photography!

Learn How To Break Into Sports Photography!

Photography is an extensive profession and sports photography is a well-established part of that realm. Choosing sports photography as your career path means you will have to work hard to break into a world of professionals who are great at what they do. The competition is intense, so be prepared for it before you step up your game from amateur sports photographer to a hard-core sports photo journalist! Now enter the field with knowledge and know-how at your fingertips!

Sports Photographer

Start With The Basic Photography Skills Building

  • Research about cameras and their usage, focusing on all technical aspects.
  • Get a good camera. Look into the cameras currently available in stores, especially SLR. Choose between digital or film. If you already own a Single Lens Reflex camera, ensure that its frames per second capacity is in harmony with your sports photography needs. This needs to be between 6-8 frames – the more the better! Also purchase a large aperture and focal length lens for your use.
  • Take classes. According to what level you stand at, take up photography sessions at a local institute or college; judge yourself on the scale of beginner to intermediate.
  • Build contacts. You should get to know other photographers and be part of a network; joining a photography club will expose you to photographers who are variously skilled such as in team sports photography or night sports photography etc.
  • Apply your knowledge and practice. Capture moving objects, increasing difficulty as you get better at it. Adjust your aperture and shutter speed settings as you’ve learned.

Hone Those Skills And Up Your Game!

  • Attend small-scale sporting events where you can practice your photography; school matches are a good start for easily getting up close and capturing kids sports photography moments. Slowly move on to difficult and fast sports, taking your time to achieve the perfect shot at one before advancing.
  • You should try to perfect yourself at a sport that you know well because you will be able to better judge the best photo opportunities and moments.
  • Create a quality professional portfolio and showcase your best work up to this point.
  • Try out for a job in a local newspaper that needs your digital or film output, whatever the case may be. Give a great interview and show that you have what they need!
  • As you move up in your sports photography skills, upgrade your portfolio with published shots that say you are a pro at this!

Robert is regular blogger at various sites. He has written many articles on team sports photography.

6 Responses to “Learn How To Break Into Sports Photography!”

  1. Julia says:

    I think you really need a good camera and lens to have a good capture when engage in sports photography.

  2. Paul says:

    As a sports photographer this post hits home! People assume that because you have a natural flair for composition that’s it! As you highlighted Robert, there is more than meets the eye!

  3. Roger james says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information about sports photograpy. This profession is not as easy as it looks. it require lot of hard work and concentration with lot of technical skills.

  4. Aasma says:

    Photography is not as simple as it looks, there are lot of technicalities which should be considered before taking any good photograph.

  5. Lakshmi Balu says:

    The photography industry is one innovative art that has infinite number of categories. The cameras are evolving with the technological advancements especially in terms of mobile smartphones. I always have a passion for mobile photography as this device is more readily available to capture the life’s moments. However, for a niche photography a high resolution lensed camera is very much required and nurtured. Great tips here for establishing the photography in the sports category. Career wise too the exposure is significant and lucrative!

    • Sarah says:

      Great tips for establishing the photography in sports careers. I love mobile photography as it easy to capture the best moments in our daily life. For photography high resolution cameras are required.

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