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Importance of Body Language in Video Conferencing

Importance of Body Language in Video Conferencing

While what you’re saying in a video conferencing meeting is very important, so is how you are saying it. Presentation and body language go a long way toward conveying what you want to say and engaging your peers. If you you’re your next meeting to be more than just another webinar, you need to consider how you come across to your viewers. Read More »

Video Streaming

5 Must Have Apps for the iPhone 6

5 Must Have Apps for the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has landed, which means that Apple is set to re-launch its fiercely contested battle with Samsung. According to initial reports the iPhone 6 has the initial edge and momentum with improved graphics and the release of an accompanying 5.5 inch phablet. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Free Webinar: Learn the Strategies and Techniques Used to Build Smart, Connected Products

Free Webinar: Learn the Strategies and Techniques Used to Build Smart, Connected Products

The Internet of Things is emerging, but few people realize that it has existed now for decades. Room 5 is one of the pioneering companies who have been working with the Internet of Things since the very beginning. As IoT experts, Room5 is a trusted source of information and will be sharing their knowledge with you in a free webinar on October the 21 and 23. Read More »


Why You Should Use a Standard User Account in Windows

Why You Should Use a Standard User Account in Windows

I was reminded recently as to why all users should be running with a standard user account on a Windows machine. Up until Windows Vista, users generally have used an administrative account that provided unlimited access to the computer and its resources. While this made it easier to use the machine, it also made it easier for malware to propagate among Windows machines. Read More »


Content Moderation Options for Businesses

Content Moderation Options for Businesses

Nowadays, many businesses have an online presence on blogs, forums and social media networks. Such platforms can be very useful tools for connecting with consumers and receiving feedback. People share their questions and suggestions about your business or brand by sending tweets, posting on your Facebook wall, leaving blog comments or posting on your forums. Responding to this feedback in a timely manner encourages more interactions and builds a strong following for your brand. Read More »


5 Ways You Can Use Your WordPress Backup

Wordpress Logo

One of the best ways of protecting your WordPress blog or website is to perform a regular backup of all your website’s files and database tables. While the main reason for backing up your WordPress website is to easily restore the website in case it is no longer accessible, there are other reasons backing up your WordPress site can come in handy. Let’s look at 5 ways you can use your WordPress backup. Read More »

Websites and Blogging

Smartphone Security: 9 Ways to Protect You and Your Phone

9 Ways to Protect You and Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is your lifeline for connecting to the world. It’s also a computer in your pocket, with more apps and tools than a Swiss Army knife. All that functionality creates new risks, in addition to the old risks of loss and theft. Like a computer, your phone can get hacked, fatally crash due to malware or bad apps, or track your activity and send it to third parties. Here are nine ways to protect you and your phone. Read More »

Security Tips

12 Common Listing Mistakes on eBay

12 Common Listing Mistakes on eBay

How did we earn our stripes and gain national recognition for outstanding sales and conversion rate? The answer is simple: optimized listing descriptions. We launched ourselves into the eBay world of selling by dropshipping items from wholesalers on eBay. However, due to our savvy method of dropshipping directly from fellow eBay sellers, our prices weren’t the lowest on the market by any means. So the question begs – how did we boost our sales so rapidly? Read More »

Internet Marketing
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