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5 Ways You Can Use Your WordPress Backup

Wordpress Logo

One of the best ways of protecting your WordPress blog or website is to perform a regular backup of all your website’s files and database tables. While the main reason for backing up your WordPress website is to easily restore the website in case it is no longer accessible, there are other reasons backing up your WordPress site can come in handy. Let’s look at 5 ways you can use your WordPress backup. Read More »

Websites and Blogging

Smartphone Security: 9 Ways to Protect You and Your Phone

9 Ways to Protect You and Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is your lifeline for connecting to the world. It’s also a computer in your pocket, with more apps and tools than a Swiss Army knife. All that functionality creates new risks, in addition to the old risks of loss and theft. Like a computer, your phone can get hacked, fatally crash due to malware or bad apps, or track your activity and send it to third parties. Here are nine ways to protect you and your phone. Read More »

Security Tips

12 Common Listing Mistakes on eBay

12 Common Listing Mistakes on eBay

How did we earn our stripes and gain national recognition for outstanding sales and conversion rate? The answer is simple: optimized listing descriptions. We launched ourselves into the eBay world of selling by dropshipping items from wholesalers on eBay. However, due to our savvy method of dropshipping directly from fellow eBay sellers, our prices weren’t the lowest on the market by any means. So the question begs – how did we boost our sales so rapidly? Read More »

Internet Marketing

Tips to Help You Repair a Damaged Online Reputation

Top Tips to Help You Repair a Damaged Online Reputation

With almost the entire globe heavily dependent on the Internet for meeting various requirements, one wrong move can lead your career spiralling down in the wrong direction. Usually, the availability of various resources like social media, forums and the likes enable people to be more vocal about their likes and dislikes. Read More »


How to Create a Secure Wireless Router Setup

How to Create a Secure Wireless Router Setup

We live at a time when the “Internet of Things” is starting to gain traction in our life. It seems every new product sold today can easily connect to the Internet through a wireless connection, which is usually a wireless router. Of course, as with most things created, it may seem like a good idea to be able to access your devices remotely, it also means that malicious users may also be able to gain access to your devices. Read More »


5 Tools to Secure Your Windows Computer

5 Tools to Secure Your Windows Computer

Since the days of using DOS, personal computers have always had the risk of being infected with malicious software. Over the years, malware has evolved from basic viruses, to rootkits, and now ransomware that encrypts your data. With each new release of malware, it seems anti-virus software developers are always playing catch-up to make sure their software can protect a computer from the new malicious software. Read More »

Operating Systems

What’s Next For Next-Generation Mobile Phones?

What’s Next For Next-Generation Mobile Phones?

It’s coming up to that time again: in only a few months, we’ll start being drip-fed the latest smartphones just in time for the Christmas rush. Of course, we’re still only in July, but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill from working at full steam. Of course the iPhone and Samsung releases will be the two hottest topics, with the iPhone in particular expected to have a number of new revolutionary features. Read More »

Mobile Phones

8 Tips to Get Rid of Video Buffering


Imagine watching a movie online and then right in the middle of a great scene, and then the video starts buffering, causing the video to stop playing. This scenario has been repeated countless times among the millions of Internet users and it is just about the most frustrating thing. While some buffering is acceptable at the start of the video because the browser is caching the video data, buffering that continues throughout the video can be very irritating, not to mention time-wasting. Read More »

Video Streaming
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