Why Your Company Needs a Federated Identity Manager

Identity and Security

Your business needs many tools to be successful, but that becomes even more the case if you do a lot of work online. For instance, maybe you have a company where your workers log into a software suite every day and use its various features. This is a pretty common scenario. You can purchase or rent such a software suite. You might rent it using the SaaS model, also called software as a service.

File Watcher: Monitor Changes to Files and Folders

Hard Drive

File Watcher is a standalone, open source, C# application that I have developed to serve a purpose that I needed for my data files. In a nutshell, File Watcher allows me to monitor several paths on my Windows server for any changes to the files or folders within those paths. Once changes are detected, one of several functions can then be performed. These functions include: sending a notification via an API request, performing an action (copy, move, delete), or running a command – such as an executable.

Technology for the Legal Profession

Cross Examination: Science and Techniques

All high profile lawyers in the legal profession know that taking a case to trial and winning depends almost 100 percent on their presentation of the facts they’ve collected. It is no longer a courtroom of noisy lawyers waving discriminating photos high in the air, shocking jurors with vivid images of the state’s exhibits A to Z. Electronic courtrooms exists in nearly every jurisdiction, allowing jurors, attorneys and judges to view all documents from desktop computers.

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Top 4 Issues with Peripherals You Can Come Across

Mac with USB Hub

ou may be fully satisfied with your flawlessly working Mac until some unexpected, unexplainable issues pop up. One of the most frequent causes of concern is the trouble with peripherals. Such problems may reveal themselves differently, ranging from a dead USB port to non-detected Bluetooth headphones. Any connectivity problem like this can be quickly addressed with the help of DIY means, which we disclose in this article to help you manage minor Mac issues without engaging costly repair services.

How to Remove Applications from the Mac Computer?


Over time, every Mac user may realize there are too many unused applications on the device. If only uninstalling unnecessary programs was as easy as moving the icons to the Trash, but unfortunately, it is not so simple. Every time when you uninstall an app incorrectly, some files may remain on the hard drive, taking up space and slowing down the computer.

Tips on Reducing Ransomware Attack Risks


As a business owner, there are many things you need to keep an eye on. This includes watching the business finances, dealing with staffing, and making sure you have the right services and equipment in place for efficient operation. Another thing you need to do is protect your business, and one of the things you need to protect against is cybercrime.

4 Ways in Which Prototyping Saves Time

People Using Computers

Prototyping specifically for more complicated projects usually provides a great prospect to solve issues before web advancement starts. Prototypes are interactive, functional explanations of a web or a website application. Wireframes offer a time-saving, lower-cost technique to come up with complex business guidelines and design ideas. Here are four ways in which prototyping saves time.

What Is Social Media Moderation and Why Do You Need It?

Social Media on Mobile Phone

Social media is one of the strongest platforms to promote your business. Most people use these platforms to boost their social life and communicate with others. However, it is also used by marketers to promote their brands. The majority of the businesses invest money in social media marketing. It is the easiest way to connect with the target audience. However, these platforms can be pretty dangerous for your business. Nowadays, you will find lots of inappropriate, hateful, and abusive content on social media.