7 Unnoticed and Cheap Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing has now become essential for any promoter who desires brand recognition and prefers buzz publicity. That said; it is obvious that such a promoter always looks for some cost effective and efficient social media marketing strategies. Moreover, there are several such strategies to choose them depending on the products or services that need promotion. But sadly, there are a few of them that promoters mostly tend to overlook or ignore despite the fact they need minimum outlay and have tremendous publicity potential. So, why not take the advantage of these most unnoticed social media marketing strategies to let the buzz play its role in an uncommon manner where competition is yet not fierce? Well, let’s check seven such strategies now!

7 Unnoticed and Cheap Social Media Marketing Strategies

1. Microblogging

Unlike blogging, microblogging acts as a broadcast medium for those who want to publicize with the help of short messages instead of lengthy content. Blogs are actually difficult to maintain on a daily basis if the content is too long to manage. More than long content, people love to read real-time, short messages like the ones on Twitter. Therefore, microblogging allows you to promote products via small-sized appealing elements of content such as images, video links, and short sentences.

2. Podcasting

Quick and reliable, efficient and effective; but yet the most underused strategy is podcasting. If you choose this strategy, you can get your own mini radio station and take the advantage of radio advertising for free. That said; it is clear that podcasting is cheaper than advertizing via the mainstream radio. Moreover, the podcasts are streamed by countless digital radios and portable mediums such as iPhone/iPod.

3. Hitting the Niche-related Discussion Boards

Also called forums, these boards are community-based chat groups that can open the new doors of opportunities. These forums are the best places for sharing the latest trends and opinions as well as initiating market-based discussions for publicizing your business to the wider target audience.

4. Sharing Photos

How about sharing your new product photos online? I am sure you must have rarely thought of this. There are several free picture sharing sites via which you can promote your business products and services. Remember, an image is equal to 1000 words and that customers always like to see more rather than to read. Viewing more and more images of your new brand increases your popularity and maintains their interest in your new models as well. Isn’t it worth to replace mails by this strategy? Well, if this sounds interesting, why not hit the famous sites such as Photobucket.com and Flickr.com.

5. Sharing Presentations

How many of us think to make and share an online presentation for informing people about a new product? This is similar like sharing your idea within a boardroom full of customers and clients. You can broadcast these presentations through Scribd.com and SlideShow.net for targeting a huge audience that is in search for such products and services.

6. Publishing Your Business Widgets

Just like Google’s +1 and Facebook’s Like, you can create your own business widget that can leave a great impression on the online customers. Isn’t this an unusual way of brand promotion? It is! This is because many businesses have yet to implement this strategy. If this is what catches you, make your own personalized widget now on SpringWidgets.

7. Submit Press Releases to Online PR Agencies

Are you about to release a new product? Well then, do think of submitting a press release to PRLog.com or i-Newswire. And yes, even more uncommon will be to post to sources such as Yahoo Articles and Google Docs, as these services tend to archive your content that is accessible by people at any time.

Photo credit: ButchLebo

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