Six Reasons to Use the Chrome Web Store and Two Pitfalls

Chrome Web Store

Don’t you love it when you find a shiny new application?

Something that gives you new abilities to bend light and matter. Something that adds to your list of super powers.

Do you scan through top ten lists of applications looking for tips about apps you haven’t tried yet? Are you an App Junkie hanging out for your latest fix of apptastic goodness?

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Three Lessons From the Death of Google Reader

R.I.P. Google Reader

Last week Google faced a surge of backlash for its decision to retire Reader. As a fan of RSS feeds and daily user of Reader, I identified with the rage being expressed online. However, as I narrated my woes to some of my friends, they seemed confused. As I paused for breath, a friend asked, “Umm, what is Reader, exactly?”

Here I was, in righteous rage about a service that I clearly cared about, but the larger world hardly knew that Reader existed, let alone that it would shutdown on July 1. Come to think of it, news and even tech websites invariably explain what the term RSS means, assuming that a good chunk of their readers might not know what RSS stands for or what it does. (To compare, just think: when was the last time you saw a website describe Twitter as a ‘micro-blogging site.’)

I stumbled into another startling fact when I went to the Google Reader blog to check out the official announcement, dated March 13, 2013. The previous entry was dated October 31, 2011. As Chris Wetherell, the creator of Reader, himself notes, Google Reader was “living on borrowed time.”

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Top 10 Gadgets of 2013

Top 10

The world has been taken captive by a gadget revolution. Most people used to be happy with their sturdy, old television sets, mobile phones and computers, and they didn’t really care about keeping up with the latest trends. Now, new devices boast futuristic upgrades with each new model, and even technophobes are queuing up for the latest gadgets thanks to the popularity of tablet computers and e-book readers.

This year promises to be an exciting time for technology enthusiasts, and many of the gadgets on this list feature some innovative and even life-changing breakthroughs.

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An Overview of the Benefits of the Android Technology


Standing at this point of the twenty first century one can say that it is the time for android phones. Today, a mobile phone is no more just a device to commute with other people and it can be used to serve a several purpose like being connected to the internet, play online games and even more. Such a thing has been made possible only by the android technology. It is basically an operating system that has been designed by Google that can be used to run mobile phones. Each of the versions have been named after a sweet food.oen of the most recent versions is called Ice Cream Sandwich. The iOS gets the toughest competition from this OS, which is designed, on Linux.

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Spicing Up Your Social Media

Social Media

Social Media has become a tried and tested method of promotion for your website and with every algorithm tweak and change that Google and the other search engines are doing social media is becoming more and more important. Google indexes links that come from Twitter and other social media sites (though it is still in talks with Facebook over its user content) and as links are phased out and smart semantic web associations between terms (generally referred to as co-ocurrence) become the norm these social media mentions are only going to become more important. Facebook’s latest announcement, Graph Search just made social networking even more important than ever.

Up until recently you could rely on backlinks to get your site higher in the SERP classification as any Search Agency professional would tell you. But if people do not search for your site through conventional search engines but rather stay within their social network and try to get a customised result from within their social network the whole point of Search Engine Optimisation is moot. Of course not everybody will use Facebook’s Graph feature and, indeed, not everybody has Facebook so there will still be a great market for SEO, even if links will likely keep dwindling in importance.

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Getting A Taste of Google’s Unveiling of New Devices

Google Logo

Google proved this week that although one Hurricane Sandy might put a halt on a big planned press event, it wasn’t enough to stop them from revealing the much-anticipated new Nexus gadgets. All of the new products were quite a bit to take in, and one might have found it necessary to stop and keep track of just who was carrying what, but all of the new pieces are looking quite promising.

The basic rundown of the next line of Nexus products include the LG Nexus 4 smartphone, the Asus Nexus 7 tablets, as well as the Nexus 10 Samsung tablet. Based on the companies involved with the production of these gadgets, Google was looking to team with as many as possible to create a bigger portfolio. But aside from the business tactics, it’s important to look at what each of these devices are bringing to the market for Nexus-hungry users.

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Google and Samsung Team Up for a 10 Inch Nexus Tablet

Nexus Tablet

The year 2012 has witnessed the introduction of many innovative tablet PCs from the likes of Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft. In the burgeoning touch-based device market of today companies face stiff competition from others equally capable of producing a high-tech device. So far Apple has come out to be the clear winner with outstanding sales of the latest version of its iPad.

But if any two companies have the technological prowess to outshine Apple by producing a superior device, it’s probably Google and Samsung. Both have already made a mark with their own tablets and if rumors are to be believed then the two companies could be collaborating on a high-end tablet in the hopes of taking on Apple.

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