An Overview of the Benefits of the Android Technology

Standing at this point of the twenty first century one can say that it is the time for android phones. Today, a mobile phone is no more just a device to commute with other people and it can be used to serve a several purpose like being connected to the internet, play online games and even more. Such a thing has been made possible only by the android technology. It is basically an operating system that has been designed by Google that can be used to run mobile phones. Each of the versions have been named after a sweet food.oen of the most recent versions is called Ice Cream Sandwich. The iOS gets the toughest competition from this OS, which is designed, on Linux.

Android Logo

Overwhelming Popularity

Since a number of companies have manufactured handsets based on the Android OS, it is called an open source Operating System. As a matter of fact, most of the popular and top class mobile manufacturers are using this technology to make their phones.

Name any company like Samsung, HTC etc; all of them are manufacturing Smartphones based on this technology. Several models of Smartphones like Droid, G1, Nexus One etc use the Android OS. Therefore, it is clear that no cell phone manufacturer or service provider can claim to be the only one to be linked to it.

Downloading Apps from Online Stores

The mobiles run on the Android OS also support third-party apps. Often the Android Market is the source to download these apps. The Market is an online software store from Google and is now called Google Play. However, it is also true of the Google play that it is used by a number of people to access gadgets, but they have lesser apps. On the other hand, in some cases the functionalities are also little.

To speak of such a situation one can cite the example of South America and Asia where one can download only apps, i.e. if one is using an Android phone, he can source eBooks, music, videos etc to other places.

The iTunes store is one great portal to download files from. No matter at what part of the world you are in, you can be able to purchase ringtones, songs etc and get them in your android phones from the store. All you need to do is have an iTunes store account.

The Beneficial Features

Today, all the top-notch brands use android to power some thousands and millions of mobile phones. Only with the prospects of the Android technology has the fascinating world of Google and internet come within the easy reach of individuals. the several beneficial features of the Android technology are:

  1. Fast browsing options.
  2. Multi-tasking.
  3. Easy ways to stay connected and share files.
  4. Cloud sync.
  5. The common apps from Google.

All these facts make the technology all the more tempting and if you are not yet using such a phone, it is high time you got hold of one.

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