Rethinking the Direction of Technically Easy

Over two years. That is how long I have been accepting guest posts on Technically Easy. Unfortunately, during that time I feel that the quality of my blog has suffered. Technically Easy has been online for over six years, and it started as a way for me to write my experiences, and answer technology issues, in a way that would be easy for others to find, read, and understand issues that they may be having, as well.

Rethinking the Direction of Technically Easy

Going Back in Time

Since I have been publishing guest posts I have been publishing a post at least five times a week – Monday through to Friday. Because of this schedule, I at times found it hectic to ensure I have a post scheduled and ready to go for each of those five days. Doing so had the unfortunate effect of me publishing lower quality posts that I would normally like to publish.

Not anymore.

After some rethinking of Technically Easy, I have decided to return to the way this blog was before I started accepting guest posts. Publishing not five days a week, but only when I feel I could publish a quality post for my readers. I have learned that constantly publishing content is not the best way to run a blog. I prefer to publish three quality posts over six quality posts any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

So going forward, I will publish less frequently, but with better written content. How many posts does this mean? I can’t tell you as it will depend on the week. I may publish five times one week, and one or two times the next week. Life is full of surprises, and you can’t schedule everything.

What About Guest Posts?

In terms of guest posts, I will still be accepting and publishing guest posts on Technically Easy. I just won’t be publishing as many guest posts. I will be more careful of what I publish, and will be more critical of how the posts are written.

Over the past few years I have seen some good posts and some bad ones. I also realized that guest posts aren’t what they appear. I feel that with some of the posts that were published, it has turned Technically Easy into an article submission site – not my intention at all.

Going forward, I will introduce more guest posting guidelines that will need to be followed in order to submit a guest post on Technically Easy. I am hoping that by tightening the guidelines, there will be better quality guest posts submitted for my consideration.

What Content Will Appear on Technically Easy?

The content that will be appearing on Technically Easy will be what I had always planned: content that provides answers. Such content includes tutorials, how-to articles, tips and tricks, and anything else I feel like writing about.

I am also hoping to write more review posts on various gadgets, software, and possible websites. I have been neglecting this aspect of writing a technical blog, even though I have been approached many times in the past. Using a product is the best way to provide the most informed opinion on that product, instead of what I read online.

As I mentioned above, I will continue to also publish guest posts, just not as many. I am hoping to strike a better balance between what I write and what I accept.

After rethinking the direction of Technically Easy I have decided it was time for a change, at least a change to the old way. I am hoping that going forward the quality of posts increases, while the quantity of posts decreases.

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