Impact of Facebook News Feed Changes and Like on the Online Profile of Your Business

We already know that Facebook is making several considerable changes to the design of news feed. This particular change or development will not only affect one billion online users, but it will impact online advertisers who use the platform to promote their products and services.

Impact of Facebook News Feed Changes and Like on the Online Profile of Your Business

Importance of Gaining Likes and Sparking Discussions on Facebook

Business owners are getting ready with their brainstorming and formulating new strategies to face the upcoming changes that could probably take place in another few weeks. It is pretty crucial for the online advertisers to make the changes or else attracting more leads would be very difficult, and they would be left behind compared to their rivals. However, the most important aspect is to get as many FB likes, and engage the audience.

Add More Visual Content

The major focus among the advertisers is improved visual content for the new news feed. This means now the real estate businesses will have to show more pictures of real properties. One of the studies says almost 50 percent of the News Feed content is full of visuals and photos.

Pictures are shared through Instagram and Pinterest to attract more eyeballs as these pictures are more attractive than a few words. The real estate businesses can benefit from the fact that now the online advertisers have the liberty to use 2/3rd of the screen. New strategic moves by the advertisers should focus on acquiring more creative with the help of visual ads, and engaging the audience in several other evocative ways.

Since the changes are completely dedicated towards photo feed, it would force the advertisers to post more photos and videos on the page. You can buy Facebook likes reviews and gain more traction by running even Facebook Ads.

If you want to do it the natural way, here are a few more ways.

Few Feed Examples

Music Feed: Shows postings of your favourite musicians, friends, and upcoming concerts.

All Friends Feed: Display posts from friends.

Following Feed: It is quite similar to that of current “Pages Feed,” and it also displays posts from public figures and business pages in chronological order.

Photos Feed: It displays the photos posted by friends and also the respective pages that you follow.

Superior Conversion Tracking

Feed changes in Facebook for the businesses allow marketers to track the conversion rates of ads in a better way. The business promoters can see who responds to the ads, and who drives the sale. Whenever the new news feed rolls out, marketers need to keep a closer eye on the metrics that surround the posts making important changes whenever necessary.

Potential Drawbacks in the Revamped News Feed

The major potential drawback for the advertisers is the new option called “Following” feed. With this particular option, users are allowed to switch the feeds that may include pages, posts from friends, and likes.

It could be a negative outcome for the news feed changes for Facebook for businesses like real estate since users get the liberty to be tune the advertisements better from the business pages they have liked; however, the Sponsored ads will remain same in the feed.

Another major drawback might be competition as well as cost of running the ads.

The Bottom-Line

After introducing the new features, Facebook will be able to command high rates for ads, which will be an added burden on the marketing costs of real estate businesses around the world. In the meantime, you can continue to get paid FB likes, drive social media traffic, and boost the conversion rates by engage the potential buyers.

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