How to Use Twitter for Business

How to Use Twitter for Business

If you are one of the many individuals who have been impressed with the use of social media for promoting business, then you must seriously consider using Twitter for business purposes. It is one of the most widely used social networking sites worldwide. The users of this site send messages that are called “tweets”, which are displayed on the profile of the author. These messages engage a group of people who are called “followers”. In turn, you have the option to follow the individuals that you like or admire.

Twitter makes a lot of business sense for the corporate as it has got more than 25 million active users, majority of them being in the group 16-45. People from various parts of the planet use this as a way to communicate and make new friends. One thing that is common between them is the desire for more followers. Following are the some simple tips that will help you to get more followers.

How to Use Twitter for Business

Tweet Regularly

Updating your profile and regularly tweeting is very important to be successful on Twitter. You should choose the trending topics or re-tweet the popular tweets by others so as to enhance your visibility on the site.

Relevant Content

You should write something that is valuable and informative to the audience. The idea is to sell your product or service or maybe to pass some information to the audience and thus you should put a precise content in front of the audience. Needless to mention, the use of proper grammar is a must. You need to also avoid the use of foul language as it may hurt the sentiments of a section of people.

Reply to Messages

You should always reply to your followers and let them know about your interest in them. Communication is the key to succeed on Twitter and will help to build trust among your followers. Also, you should try to follow all your followers too.


You should establish and maintain contacts with other influential Twitter users having the similar interests. Engage in conversation with them, and chances are that their followers will also get interested in your tweets.


You should always monitor your influence so as to know whether you are adopting the correct strategy or not. Klout can be a useful tool in this regard and will help you know about your daily influence.

With these tips, you will be surely able to attract more followers, that too, in a short period of time.

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