5 Sure Ways to Get More Facebook Shares

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More investors are reaping the perks of using social media as a marketing platform. You must do this right if you want to be part of the business individuals who use social media sites like Facebook to their advantage. Social sharing is one of the proven ways of driving more traffic to your business. This means that if you are relying on the medium to market your business, you must create top-notch quality that will impress readers to a point where they will want to share it with their friends, relatives, and other networks.

Build Your Brand By Advertising With Pubsio, Google, And Facebook

Build Your Brand By Advertising With Pubsio, Google, And Facebook

The secret to business success online is not building a better mousetrap. It’s getting more people to recognize that you’ve done it. Using the Pareto 80/20 principle as an illustration, 80% of your success is about using advertising and promotion to build your brand while only 20% is based on creating a superior product.

How to Stay Safe With Social Networks


If you own a business – online or offline – or just enjoy creating a website or blog, then chances are you will inevitably be involved in one or more social networks. Social networks have taken off tremendously in the past 8 years or so, and it seems most people seem to have used social network in one form or another. Today, networks such as Facebook and Twitter, have become an important part of reporting events and daily lives more than any form of news.

Facebook Screams to Zero-Day Java Exploit: Is Your Account Compromised?

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Facebook recently discovered a zero-day java attack roaming the internet which it happened to be one of the targets. According to Facebook officials, this attack was discovered on victimized computers belonging to Facebook engineers. The zero-day java attack was designed to download and installed a collection of unseen malware programs in victimized computers but was deciphered when a suspicious domain was found in Facebook’s Domain Name Server request log.

The perpetrators of this attack injected the code on the HTML of popular Mobile Developer web forum which tends to victimize any visitor that has java enabled on their browser.

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Spicing Up Your Social Media

Social Media

Social Media has become a tried and tested method of promotion for your website and with every algorithm tweak and change that Google and the other search engines are doing social media is becoming more and more important. Google indexes links that come from Twitter and other social media sites (though it is still in talks with Facebook over its user content) and as links are phased out and smart semantic web associations between terms (generally referred to as co-ocurrence) become the norm these social media mentions are only going to become more important. Facebook’s latest announcement, Graph Search just made social networking even more important than ever.

Up until recently you could rely on backlinks to get your site higher in the SERP classification as any Search Agency professional would tell you. But if people do not search for your site through conventional search engines but rather stay within their social network and try to get a customised result from within their social network the whole point of Search Engine Optimisation is moot. Of course not everybody will use Facebook’s Graph feature and, indeed, not everybody has Facebook so there will still be a great market for SEO, even if links will likely keep dwindling in importance.

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