5 Sure Ways to Get More Facebook Shares

5 Sure Ways to Get More Facebook Shares

More investors are reaping the perks of using social media as a marketing platform. You must do this right if you want to be part of the business individuals who use social media sites like Facebook to their advantage.

Social sharing is one of the proven ways of driving more traffic to your business. This means that if you are relying on the medium to market your business, you must create top-notch quality that will impress readers to a point where they will want to share it with their friends, relatives, and other networks.

When your visitors share content with others, more people will get to know about your entity. You will also benefit from more links leading to your website.

This will typically result in you enjoying top Google position as you will gather more ongoing traffic from the post. If this is not happening already, here are five tried and tested methods that you can use to improve social sharing.

1. Often post updates when your audience is online

It is important to post fresh content when your audience is online, so that they do not miss anything you have to say. Posting after every hour may not give you desired results as your readers may deem this as excessive.

Try and find the right time to post on a daily basis to give your readers something to distract or entertain themselves.

Go through your data to identify the best time to post. Easily access this on the Facebook Page Insights on the post tab to know when your fans are mostly online.

This data can help you make educated guesses on the best posting time. It is advisable to experiment with different times both non-peak and peak hours to find out what works best for your brand.

2. Track progress

Find out the number of shares Facebook from service providers who specialize in tracking Facebook shares.

This is the best way to track progress, especially when you are not in a position to stay online at all times. The results will let you know how you performed in the sector.

Keeping tabs on the shares is important because you will get to know the content that you should be posting and the ones to ignore.

3. Come up with posts specifically for Facebook

Content that might work well for Twitter or Instagram may not necessarily work for Facebook. For instance, GIFS are perfect for Twitter and hashtags incredible for Instagram, but both do not perform well when used on Facebook.

Make sure you create appealing content that will bring in the results you want on Facebook, if you want other people to spend their time sharing it with others.

4. Include eye-catching videos and images

Adding videos and images to your content can help to get the attention it deserves on Facebook. This, however, does not mean that you should go out and pick any images or videos available.

Try not to include typical pictures. Instead, go for the eye-catching ones that are bound to evoke emotions from viewers. Try and make your audience think, cry, or laugh.

Use a great combination of filters and colours to make your images stand out to increase chances of them going viral. Maintain an excellent thumbnail when using videos to draw attention, so as to achieve the maximum engagement.

5. Ensure social sharing works on mobile

Many businesses tend to ignore this fact, something that can hurt their business in a huge way. Note that more traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices.

For this reason, you must make sure that your social sharing icons work perfectly across various mobile devices.

Numerous options are available when you want to make this possible. An example is installing plugins that will include share buttons on your pages.

Test this first before installing to make sure it works in the right manner.

Running a business website or blog today is no easy fete. You must find the right ways to market your products, if you want to stay in business for a long time.

Facebook shares are one of the ways to keep you at the top. Make sure you are constantly producing shareable content on Facebook, so that you can work with effective social media campaigns.

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