How Can I Use NIST-800 53 For My Business?

Nist 800-53 is a system that has security controls for federal organizations and systems, except those that are created for national security. The system was started by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which promotes the standards that are supported by the FISMA (Federal Information Security Act) and manage programs that are designed to promote information security.

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How Does Agile Software Help My Organization?

The Waterfall process has been replaced with the Agile system for projects. Agile software development teams can complete their projects in shorter sprints. And it has allowed for development teams to thoroughly test and work simultaneously on each app iteration. Because of this, there has been a significant increase in app deployments and finished projects

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Impact on Revenue Post Technology Automation

Advancement of technology like robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other automation techniques have no doubt created a revolution in the way business is conducted. Machines outperform and exceed the human performances in the work activities especially the repetitive tasks. Now, automation technologies along with new and improved algorithms have gathered the knowledge of decision-making processes and works like a human being to a certain level.

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Building an Online Store? Consider Using Magento

Magento is an open-source PHP software. It’s highly flexible and specializes in e-commerce omnichannel solutions. It’s considered the leading digital platform for e-commerce sites. It also comes with numerous out-of-the-box features that will make your customer experience better. Even though Magento is open source, there is a more robust Commerce edition that offers more features and has a much larger price tag. This edition also requires developers and more support.

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4 Things Your Small Business Is Missing without Cloud ERP

In the past, the best business technologies have been reserved for only the largest companies. A small business, for example, can’t afford a high-tech assembly line or hundreds of employees to facilitate quick growth. This is changing, however, as more products and services move onto the web. Since cloud technologies require relatively little infrastructure, they are allowing more businesses to become competitive.

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Threat Intelligence: Your Answer for Security Log Overload

Your network security solution was supposed to help you solve your cybersecurity problems. Instead, it’s generating more logs and alerts than your team can possibly review.

If you’re a small company with a small IT team, security log overload won’t help you defend your network. You need a tool that can find the most important information within those piles of data.

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