How Can I Use NIST-800 53 For My Business?

Nist 800-53 is a system that has security controls for federal organizations and systems, except those that are created for national security.

The system was started by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which promotes the standards that are supported by the FISMA (Federal Information Security Act) and manage programs that are designed to promote information security.

This means that you’ll have to make sure your business is compliant to ensure longevity and improvements within your business. And you can learn how to utilize NIST 800-53 and understand its importance right here.


First, you have to establish a level of understanding. There are threats that face your information and security systems that are currently at risk. We suggest that you use solutions that can help monitor the NIST 800-53 series compliance. The solutions in this space will protect and analyze regulated data such as PCI, PHI, and PII.


You need to educate your employees on the procedures needed to become NIST compliant. There are a few management controls in NIST-800 53 that your team has to be aware of the controls listed.

Also, your operations team should know the operational controls that are available. Otherwise, there are solutions that can help you train your employees with the best practices. These prompts will help keep your employees on their toes and eliminate negative actions that can threaten your organization’s security.


A lot of companies talk about the importance of data security, but if there is no way to measure your security protocol and policies, how can you improve them? You need to deploy tools that can create a mechanism that will assess and measure your security process. Then you’ll need to continuously improve security standards against the threats that are out there.

Discover and classify sensitive data

You need to gauge the quality of your company’s data. Some of it is useful, while the rest can be harmful if it’s leaked. With NIST-800-53, you’ll have a system that can find sensitive data and protect it from outside hackers.

Map permissions and data

You can identify groups, file permissions, users, and folders via NIST-800 53. This makes it easier for you to determine who has access to data. Thus, making it easier to organize your data and give your permissions to the right members of your team.

Monitor user behavior, file activity, and data

Audit reports are required to make a business able to meet its yearly compliance requirements. You’ll need to use NIST-800 53 to help reduce the time to make audit reports (you can schedule them monthly, weekly, or your own specified time).

This helps you monitor your employee’s behavior as well. This ensures that they are well equipped to prevent them from tampering with sensitive information, making your business more effective at stopping insider threats.


To conclude, every growing business should use NIST-800 53. Not only does it help improve your daily operations, but it also makes you able to have better access to your data. So think about using to ensure that your business is more successful in the near future.

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