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How to Choose Platform and Technology for Your Mobile App

The development of mobile application is an extremely exciting and challenging process. This process requires many considerations, because you will to decide on the type of app you want to create, and then choose the right platform and technology for your application. Even if you have no difficulties making these decisions, you still cannot be sure that your app will become popular among the users. Content prepared by Nearshore development company Freeze Pro Software.

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5 Ways to Accept Mobile Payments

There are a number of ways you can accept mobile payments for your business. By making it more convenient for your customers to pay, you will be able to boost sales and grow your business.

Adding more payment options for your customers doesn’t have to end up being an accounting nightmare for you, since you can take advantage of your own application integration platform to synchronize data to your accounting software.

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Work Smart, Not Hard With These 5 Efficient Apps And Online Software

Are communication and organization lacking in your business? Do employees have a hard time sharing files or getting assignments completed on time? There’s an app for that. More than just an app, there are online software programs that can be accessed by smartphones or tablets from virtually anywhere in the world. Learn about resource planning, then streamline your company and your employees. Before spending too much money on software that may not solve the problem, consider these 5 apps and online software programs that can streamline communication and efficiency.

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5 Things We Want WhatsApp To Upgrade

WhatsApp in the past few years has outdone every other application and has become an epic episode itself. The base of WhatsApp is obviously text messaging, and somehow text messaging was quite popular before WhatsApp was even conceived. But with the advent of WhatsApp in the market, everything else seems perturbed just because of WhatsApp.

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Why Has Your App Been Rejected by iTunes?

Developing an app is an ambition that many of us hold. Although with the range of development software and platforms available today, it is actually fairly easy to build an app from start to finish, building an app that is sure to be approved by your target marketplace is another challenge in itself. For many app developers, whether they’re building an app as a marketing tool for a business or creating a game simply to make a profit, iTunes serves as their main target.

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