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Smartphones Do It All – At a Discount

Smartphones can certainly do it all these days; after all, they get millions of people in touch with the rest of the world both on and offline, whether they are near and far. They can keep people organized and fully updated on the subjects that need checking up on, and they provide an excellent source of entertainment during those long waiting periods on the bus or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

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Top 5 Apps for Roadtrips

While I admittedly worry more than the average person, planning a road trip opened up a whole new can of stress. Not only was I concerned about the weather at home but I was worried about where I could stop and rest, what if I ran out of gas, how much money would I need for gas and, the biggest concern of all: what if I got lost? Thanks to a bit of research, and a level headed father, I found these great apps that took most of the worry out of my trip.

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Fun iPad Games for Smart People

There is a plethora of games out there that you can use to while away the time on your iPad, but why not combine some fun with a challenge for your brain and expand your mind with some games? Use your free time to get smarter with this selection of fun puzzles, brainteasers and conundrums.

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