What are the Coolest Apps to Get on Your iPhone

What are the Coolest Apps to Get on Your iPhone

One of the greatest things about the iPhone is the range of applications available for it. The App Store has thousands upon thousands of applications and mobile phone deals for any purpose to entertain, inform, and assist. Below are a few of the many that really stand out.

iPhone App - Angry Birds

Photo by astroot.

Angry Birds: The evil Pig King has stolen all of the Birds’ eggs, and boys are they angry! Shoot the birds at different obstacles, such as rocks, wood, and towers, to kill the pigs and save the birds. This application has a free limited version to gain your addiction. The full original version is available for 99 cents. Angry Birds Rio, the next version in the Angry Birds series, features tropical birds trying to escape smugglers.

iPhone App - Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar: Created by Spud Pickles, this application claims to detect the energy from ghosts and channel the different readings into single words. A free and full version exists. The full version offers the ability to keep a list of words so you can leave the phone in the room and come back to see what words have popped up later. Although the disclaimer says the app is for entertainment purposes only, Spud Pickles swear that the app is real. Many stories on the Spud Pickles website back up the claim.

iPhone App - Words With Friends

Photo by shawnogram.

Words with Friends: It’s only a matter of time until Intervention on A&E does a show on those addicted with Words with Friends. WWF is essentially Scrabble, and can be played with friends or random opponents. A play does not need to be acted on immediately; it can sit for up to a week before the game is forfeited. It’s a great way to discover new vocabulary. Try “Qi” which means “life force.”

iPhone App - shopkick

Photo by Tatiana Mik.

shopkick: shopkick (no capitalization) allows shoppers to find great deals in their area and save up points to redeem for gift cards or charity donations. Certain stores offer points by just walking in. Some points can be earned by scanning bar codes with the app, creating almost a scavenger hunt appeal. Badges can also be earned by reloading the app frequently and tapping on “nearby locations.” This will help build points quickly. Referral points can also be accumulated by having your friends download and type in your referral code.

iPhone App - Cool Facts

CoolFacts: CoolFacts is a simple application that provides endless entertainment for the trivia hungry. Simply swipe your finger across the screen or shake the iPhone to get a random fact. Some are obvious, some are mind blowing, and some are just weird (cattle are the only mammals that pee backwards). This free application is updated frequently so you will never run out of new knowledge.

Check out the top paid and free applications in the App Store on a regular basis to find the coolest apps and the best mobile phone deals available. iPhone applications are cheap entertainment and work great in lieu of carrying a heavy book around. In fact, book applications are even available on the iPhone. Most paid apps offer a free version to try it out first. Download to your heart’s content!

11 Responses to “What are the Coolest Apps to Get on Your iPhone”

  1. Mark Spencer says:

    I love Angry Birds, I enjoy playing it every night and I am so addicted to it. All iPhone apps are cool and awesome, I love them all! The coolest for me is Angry Birds. LOL.

  2. Brianna Carter says:

    iPhone is such a great stuff to have. Great iPhone Applications you’ve posted here and I love those applications. I wish I could have my own iPhone soon.

  3. Gunny says:

    Well, My most favorite app is Angry birds game app. And this ipod touch game app become popular app in app store for very long time.


  4. Robert says:

    I have downloaded the VOIP apps in my I-phone which were not present in it earlier. These app are so cool that now I am able to make my international calls from my I-Phone at much lower call rate as compare to other phones.

  5. John says:

    Thanks for your iPhone applications top. I love playing Angry Birds too. I’m a fanatic lol.

  6. Ioana says:

    This look like be great iPphone applications, especially the first one Angry BIrds. Thanks for sharing them with us, for sure I will give them a look.

  7. waterpearls says:

    Hi Spencer,
    Nice post.Thanks for sharing the coolest apps of iphone.These apps look really good.

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