Top 5 Apps for Roadtrips

Top 5 Apps for Roadtrips

There are many apps for roadtrips that you can choose to make your trips easier and less stressful. While I admittedly worry more than the average person, planning a road trip opened up a whole new can of stress.

Not only was I concerned about the weather at home but I was worried about where I could stop and rest, what if I ran out of gas, how much money would I need for gas and, the biggest concern of all: what if I got lost?

Thanks to a bit of research, and a level headed father, I found these great apps that took most of the worry out of my trip.

Top 5 Apps for Roadtrips

Best Apps for Roadtrips

1. Rest Stops Plus – One of the Best Apps for Roadtrips

If you have bad knees like I do, a bad back or simply need a bathroom break every few hours, knowing where the rest stops are along your route is important.

This fabulous app finds rest stops and allows you to filter them by amenity.

Knowing the distance between rest stops was great because I could decide to stop or push it for a few more miles.

2. iExit Interstate Exit Guide

I used this application frequently on my trip! Knowing what was coming at the next exit took the fear out of running out of gas or stressing about where I could stop for lunch.

Not only does the app tell you what exits are coming up but it tells you what you can find at those exits: gas, diesel fuel, food, hotels and shopping.

The app uses the same familiar icons that road signs use which means you only need to give it a quick glance to decide which exit you want to take.

3. Google Maps

I wrestled with the idea of purchasing a GPS unit and ended up downloading Google Maps instead, which is one of the most popular apps for roadtrips.

It didn’t make sense to spend hundreds of dollars on a separate gadget when I could use a free app.

I pitted the app against a friend’s Garmen before my trip and was more than satisfied.

Along my drive, the app alerted me to traffic snarls, points of interest and exit numbers.

4. GasBuddy

This is an indispensible application in my humble opinion. Not only did I use it on my road trip but I now use it around town as well.

Prices are practically real time and the app gives you directions to the nearest station. It also allows users to sort prices by gas grade, useful if you prefer high octane.

5. Weather Bug

If it weren’t for the weather bug app, I would have hit major thunderstorms on my route.

Luckily, because I obsessively checked the app every time I stopped for a break, I was able to stay put and wait out a storm that was 50 miles away!

Once you’re back home, the app is handy for checking local daily weather and extended forecasts.

These are my five favorite go-to traveling apps but there are hundreds of others.

Do a bit of research, as I did, and download those that you will find most helpful for your next road trip.

Take it from a worry wart: these apps for roadtrips make great travel companions!

14 Responses to “Top 5 Apps for Roadtrips”

  1. Stefan says:

    Google maps is pretty indispensable; other than that I use my phone more to stop myself getting bored on the road than to save $5 the next time I purchase some gas.

  2. Ted says:

    I use my iPad often to keep the kids entertained for long journeys. It makes a great screen for watching films and is fairly easy to attach to the back of the seat. Definitely makes those long drives go smoother. Thanks for the ideas on the other apps too.

  3. Rojish says:

    Amazing apps, truly speaking I was only aware of Google maps before. All other four apps are totally new to me. Thanks for sharing Paul 🙂

  4. Nishadha says:

    Some really useful apps for a road trip, I usually only use Google maps because most of the others are not available in Sri Lanka.

  5. Dave McArthy says:

    Google maps is always my favourite. Readily available on most smartphones right now, love it!

  6. I was looking for some travel apps because I will travel this winter, the apps a really amazaing, thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.

  7. Thomas says:

    Hi Paul
    That is some interesting apps and a great way to use a smartphone for something useful. I can’t get the Gasbuddy app in my region, but I found a similar one that does work in Denmark 🙂

  8. Mark says:

    Hey Thank you for these apps, I was looking for some travel apps because I will travel with my family this fall.

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