The Most Important SEO Factors for Your Blog


If you want to generate more traffic to your website, you might be thinking about starting a blog. Even though you have a lot of interesting ideas to write about, you need to make sure they rank well. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time generating traffic. That is where search engine optimization can be helpful.

4 SEO Secrets You Wish You Knew Earlier


Some say ranking on Google is hard, very hard. But that’s not the truth. With some SEO secrets and hacks, you can improve your website’s ranking. While the internet is filled with n number of SEO tricks that can work effectively, to obtain the best results, it’s important to understand what SEO is and how it works. That’s what this post aims at doing. Disclosing top SEO secrets, you wish you knew earlier.

Why A Failure to Use SEO Is a Death Sentence When Marketing Your Content Online


Remember the last time you searched for any type of content online. There are pages which the search engine arranges content in order of their priority. This priority is majorly determined by the main keywords used and those optimized by a website owner. You probably looked for what you wanted amongst the first couple of sites that appeared in your search engine’s results. You are not alone since only 25% of online surfers look out for any content they need beyond the first page.

e-Commerce Smarts: Driving Long-Tail SEO

In the competitive world of e-commerce and online marketing, every brand wants to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. But what about getting in front of the right eyeballs? You know, the ones that will actually convert. While any e-commerce SEO strategy should include plenty of keywords with large search volumes, it’s often the more specific, less-searched-for keywords that end up driving conversions. I’m talking about long-tail keywords.

Plan Product Launches At The Right Time With The Best Keyword Research Tool


Amazon sellers look for the right keyword research tool for their products. They want to know the accurate price and sale ranks for each product that is listed on the website. However, in the absence of the perfect keyword research tool, they will find it hard and difficult to sell their products online. This is why they need tools that give users proven results and are widely sought after in the market like Keywordinspector and JungleScout.

The Real-Time Penguin: Backlinking no Longer on Backburner


Google considers many signals when tailoring search results to a user’s query and Penguin refers to one of those signals. First rolled out in 2012, the Penguin update took into account the links pointing to your site. If those links came from sites that were spammy or had a low quality score, your site would likely drop in rank.