4 SEO Secrets You Wish You Knew Earlier

Some say ranking on Google is hard, very hard. But that’s not the truth.

With some SEO secrets and hacks, you can improve your website’s ranking.

While the internet is filled with n number of SEO tricks that can work effectively, to obtain the best results, it’s important to understand what SEO is and how it works.

That’s what this post aims at doing. Disclosing top SEO secrets, you wish you knew earlier.

So, get ready to boost your search engine ranking.

1. First things first, on-page before off-page

Businesses often spend all their marketing budget on acquiring backlinks to enhance their off-page profile for better ranking. This is great, but they neglect the part that matters the most — on-page profile.

Everything; all your marketing efforts will start working once you carefully optimize your on-page ranking factors. Half the battle is already won when on-page issues (like broken links on the website) are fixed.

So, before you create strategies for link building, focus on optimizing your content, URLs, title tags, because that’s what search engines look for.

On-page optimization is the first thing that comes under website development in Greenville, SC.

2. Meeting user intent is crucial

The first approach that hits most marketers is adopting n number of tricks and tactics to rank higher in search engines. But that’s where they fail to understand what SEO is about.

Higher rankings are only great when they cater to the needs of the consumers. A page that doesn’t match user intent will never have a good dwell time. That’s simply because it’s not solving any purpose, providing the right information, or answering relevant questions.

Such pages have a short life span and only lead to an increased bounce rate. As a result, google recognizes such sources as spam, and their rankings drop drastically.

So, if you don’t want something like this happening with your site, you must be able to add value to the customers’ life. Now how can you do that?

By offering information that matches users’ intent. Research for frequently searched keywords around your products/services, and create relevant information catering to your target audience.

3. Create content for people who can give you links

Some old-school marketers believe that link building is dead. But that’s not true. Although the strategy is old, it is as ripe and relevant as ever in 2020. Links are still critical to acquiring better rankings in SERPs.

There’s no denying the fact that link earning is the best way to prove your credibility and reliability. But, creating unique content to attract links from high-domain authority websites, bloggers, and marketers is crucial too.

When you write specifically for your audience, of course, you accumulate social shares and likes. But by creating content for people who can give you links, you are exposing yourself and your brand to a wider audience. So, make this your mantra, and quickly take a step forward on the ladder of success.

4. Social signals matter

Unlike the relationship between backlinks and SEO, that between social signals and SEO is not defined. However, evidence reveals that it’s real, and when implemented in the right direction, it can enhance your ranking and visibility.

Various studies show that link’s social activity has long been playing a roll in its social activity. No wonder why top Greenville marketing firms include social media as an important factor when creating marketing campaigns for their clients.


It may seem difficult to rank in SERPS, but it is not a hard nut to crack. There surely are a lot of things around the concept that keep marketers confused.

Sadly, those things matter a lot.

Thankfully, we have tried to help you understand some concepts for now.

We hope you find this post helpful.

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