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Interesting Gadget: Window Solar Battery Charger for Mobile Devices

Interesting Gadget: Window Solar Battery Charger for Mobile Devices

The mobile device market has exploded since the introduction of the iPhone. Music players, smartphones and tablets can be found everywhere, and it would be hard to walk down the street and not see someone using a mobile device. Of course, one issue with mobile devices is battery life. Whenever a new smartphone or tablet is introduced into the market the discussion can quickly turn to the battery life of the new device. Read More »


The FLAC File: Replacement for MP3 Files?

The FLAC File: Replacement for MP3 Files?

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files aren’t as popular for playing audio as MP3 files, but FLAC files do offer better audio quality than MP3 files. When audio was first being downloaded from the Internet back in the 1990s, MP3 files were chosen because they offered good quality, but more important, small file sizes. Back when people were connecting to the Internet through dial-up modems, smaller file sizes were preferred. I remember waiting 15 minutes while a 3 MB MP3 file downloaded. Read More »


Why Protecting Your Computer Should Involve More than Antivirus

Why Protecting Your Computer Should Involve More than Antivirus

Since the days of DOS, we have been told to install an antivirus program on our computers to keep our computers protected from viruses and other malicious software. Over the years, though, malware developers have become more advanced in their development of malware to the point where many antivirus programs are constantly playing catch up, or have failed to find malware installed on a computer. Read More »

Operating Systems

Why I am Changing My Guest Post Strategy

Why I am Changing My Guest Posting Strategy

I recently reduced the number of guest posts I accepted on my blog – almost to the point where I stopped accepting guest posts entirely. Guest posts have turned into an issue recently after Matt Cutts began taking action against sites that accepted guest posts. The guest posting situation has caused me to rethink my guest post situation for Technically Easy – should I continue to accept guest posts, or should I stop altogether. Read More »

Websites and Blogging

How to Avoid Expensive Computer Repairs [Infographic]

How to Avoid Expensive Computer Repairs

There are many issues that can occur with computers, and most of the time those issues can be a cause of frustration and even anger. Most parts that make up a computer can fail at any time, which can result in an expensive repair bill. While not all failures can be prevented all the time, there are many things you can do to prevent some of the more common issues that you may face. Taking care of your computer can go a long way to avoid expensive repair bills. Read More »


What You Need to Do to Secure Your Internet Connection

What You Need to Do to Secure Your Internet Connection

The Internet is a haven for both viruses and malware that infect millions of computers each year. These types of software are coded to do a specific task, such as steal personal information, restrict access to a computer to extort money, or just make a computer inoperable. There are many bad things that can happen because of malware, and most, if not all malware, originates from the Internet. Read More »

Online Safety

Why Are Hackers Interested in Your Computer?

Why Are Hackers Interested in Your Computer?

To you, a computer is something that you may use for going online, checking your e-mail, playing video games or do work. To a hacker, however, your computer is much more. A computer to a hacker is about the processing power, the applications that are installed, and, of course, the data that is stored on the hard drive. All this information combined is like gold to a hacker. Read More »

Security Tips

How to Reset the Linksys EA2700 (N600) Wireless Router

Linksys EA2700

There may be times when you are having issues with your Linksys EA2700 wireless router, such as not being able to connect to the Internet, or even your wireless network. You may even have forgotten the administrator password or the network passphrase, and retrieving such information is impossible without logging into the router. Read More »

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