The Right DPI: Why It Matters in Business Document Scanning

The Right DPI: Why It Matters in Business Document Scanning

Scanners may not be as frequently used in offices as printers or desktop computers, but they are very useful for preserving and storing hard copy documents and their contents. When your office receives a document, such as a signed contract from a client, the fine print of an insurance plan, or a purchase receipt (both of which you do not have soft copies of), you may need to scan the documents and keep the digital copies as backup. Read More »


Work Smart, Not Hard With These 5 Efficient Apps And Online Software

Work Smart, Not Hard With These 5 Efficient Apps And Online Software

Are communication and organization lacking in your business? Do employees have a hard time sharing files or getting assignments completed on time? There’s an app for that. More than just an app, there are online software programs that can be accessed by smartphones or tablets from virtually anywhere in the world. Learn about resource planning, then streamline your company and your employees. Before spending too much money on software that may not solve the problem, consider these 5 apps and online software programs that can streamline communication and efficiency. Read More »

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Apple vs. Samsung – The Battle for China [Infographic]

Apple vs. Samsung - The Battle for China [Infographic]

With the battle getting hotter by day for Samsung and Apple in the scramble for the Chinese market, none of the tech giants are opting to back down. The battle has become hotter with each of the two deploying different techniques. In a move aimed at precipitating Samsung from the Chinese market where it enjoys a clear lead of 18.3%, Apple is rumoured to have entered a deal with China’s lead telecom company, China Mobile. Read More »

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Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks: Protect Your Business Network

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks: Protect Your Business Network

Your business may be under attack, but you may not know until serious damage has been done. Keep yourself and your business protected with software and tools.

If you own a business, you may be vulnerable when it comes to cyber attacks. This is true whether you have five employees or well over 200. Cyber attacks do not discriminate, meaning you should be prepared to ward off potential danger before it arises. You can work on protecting your business network by downloading and using efficient antivirus software and fortifying your computers and network with the best available methods of protection. Read More »

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What Would Top Your Christmas Wish List With Unlimited Money?

iPad Case With Crush T-rex Bone

Many of us have to do Christmas on a shoestring budget this year. This means scouring sites like eBay for hidden bargains, trying to take advantage of deals that first started on Black Friday and trying to make the most of what we do have. However, if we all dreamed about having a bottomless pot of cash to spend this season, what would we buy? Read More »


The Rise of Video Conferencing [Infographic]

The Rise of Video Conferencing [Infographic]

As technology becomes ever-more sophisticated, it can help us to change the way we do business, streamlining processes helping us to save time and money. A technological advancement that is being used by more and more companies is video conferencing. A recent survey by Powwownow discovered that how video conferencing is affecting the way more and more businesses have meetings and communicate with each other. Read More »

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Making More of a 404 Page: How is it Possible?

404 Error

Finding out that you’ve typed in the wrong address can be just a little bit frustrating. You might have been certain that the URL was correct, but regardless of the cause, you’re likely to see a page with the headline ‘Error 404’ on it. These messages are pretty useful, though can look a little drab at the best of times; but can they be changed? It might seem a little weird, but in a way, Error 404 pages can act as a kind of blank canvas for web design teams to showcase their flair. Read More »


BT’s Dial-up Internet Service Gets the Axe

BT's Dial-up Internet Service Gets the Axe

As a consequence of the small fraction of BT customers using the company’s dial-up internet service, the national telecommunications company have made the decision to take this “outdated” facility off the market. As far as Think Broadband representative Sebastian Lahtinen is concerned, “It’s a statement of how mainstream broadband services have become, with entry-level broadband being cheaper than the dial-up plans BT is closing down.” Read More »

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