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How to Reset the Linksys EA2700 (N600) Wireless Router

Linksys EA2700

There may be times when you are having issues with your Linksys EA2700 wireless router, such as not being able to connect to the Internet, or even your wireless network. You may even have forgotten the administrator password or the network passphrase, and retrieving such information is impossible without logging into the router. Read More »


What are the Potential Alternatives to Google Glass?

Google Glass

Google has always been a bit of a divisive beast. The search engine is obviously useful (try searching for Lenovo products in your Yellow Pages) but they too seem a bit too powerful sometimes. Their hands-free Google Glass headset generated a reasonable amount of controversy, as well as some mixed reviews. However, that didn’t prevent a number of companies deciding to try something similar. Read More »


How You Can Use A Canon “L” Series Lens With Henry’s Rentals

Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM Lens

The Canon “L” series of lenses are synonymous with professional photography. Those lenses are built with the best quality materials that provide the best build and durability of any lens on the market. Of course, such quality comes at a price – a price that puts those lenses out of reach for many amateur photographers. For Ontario, Canada residents, they may be familiar with a photography store called Henry’s that sells many different photography and videography products. Henry’s is now providing the ability for amateur photographers to use the best lenses – in addition to other Canon lenses – without spending thousands of dollars. Read More »


Four Essential GoPro Accessories for Shooting Stunning Video

Four Essential GoPro Accessories for Shooting Stunning Video

Those who have seen the stunning variety of experiences that a GoPRo camera can shoot in High Definition video can attest to the camera’s quality. The GoPRo HD camera is a rugged, compact, and light device that has given the world a unique style of highly personalized photography and videography. From accompanying divers on marine adventures to traversing rocky offr-oad terrain on cycle, bike or car, the GoPro can record it all with stunning clarity. Read More »

Digital Photography

The Guest Post Battleground

The Guest Post Battleground

On March 19th, Matt Cutts announced that Google took action against a large guest blog network. It didn’t take long for people to figure out it was MyBlogGuest – a popular site for writing and publishing guest blog posts. Ann Smarty, the found and owner of MyBlogGuest, confirmed Google’s action against her site. The proof was the fact that entering “MyBlogGuest” in Google didn’t have her site in the results. Matt Cutts had talked about Google taking action against guest posting a few weeks back, but the fact that they moved so quickly and so fiercely against the guest posting network was still a shock for most people. Read More »

Websites and Blogging

Interesting Gadget: A Portable Smartphone Printer – LG PD239

A Portable Smartphone Printer - LG PD239

Smartphones are the number one method for taking photos these days. They have technically replaced the point-and-shoot camera as the main way of easily taking snapshots. The most popular way of sharing those photos remains the online route – through social networks and blogs. Printing such photos, however, can be more of a pain than simply using your phone to upload the photos. Read More »


Essential Tips for Keeping Your Passwords Safe With LastPass

Essential Tips for Keeping Your Passwords Safe With LastPass

Most people have many different logins for many different sites. The problem is managing all the user IDs and passwords, at least keeping track of them in a secure manner. For me, I store all my login information in LastPass. While it can be difficult to trust a service that stores my login information on the cloud, I understand how LastPass keeps my data safe, so I’m not worried about security. As with most things about security – you can never be too careful. Read More »

Online Safety

Most Popular Ways to Accessorize Your Mac

Accessorize Your Mac

If you’re looking into buying one of Apple’s prime selection of computers or already have one, you might be surprised to know that you’re still not reaching the peak of what a computer can do. All that can change with the purchase of some simple accessories. Read More »

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