What Can You Learn From Your Users?

After years of success of user testing, it has been established through the experience of almost all the tech giants that testing is never a waste of time. It is one of the most intimidating, critical, and valuable steps that can prove or disprove your assumptions about the product once in for all. The end-results of performing user testing on any product justifies the investment of both your time and money. It makes sure that your product doesn’t face failure when you launch it in the market.

While user testing is a great way to know the viability of the product, it can also teach you a lot about the behavior of the user. It can help you to understand the requirements of your user better. Hence, you’ll be able to make user-friendly products easily. UX experts at Adobe describe the importance of user testing by how it can “identify and assess any problems in your product that are causing friction.”

Here are some of the things that you can learn from your users through user testing:

User never likes terminologies and jargons

Your user is not tech-savvy, and you should not consider them one. The user hates technical/organizational terminologies. When they see a website or application that has a lot of jargon on its page, they leave the page instantly. They don’t want to go through the trouble of searching meanings of the words they don’t understand. So, make it as simple and easy for them.

User never reads every line you write

Unless your user is targeted or is very involved in the task, they don’t care about those long passages. They will go through the heading, and that is it. Therefore, it is suggested to take the help of the infographics because they have a better ability to grab the user’s attention and make them stay on your website.

User usually doesn’t care about interface

The user aspects your app or website to do the job. They couldn’t care less about the interface of your website or application. If it is doing the job it was meant to do; you’ll have a satisfied user. On the contrary, if your website looks great and has a fantastic interface, but the user is having difficulty to get the work done, it’ll annoy them, and they will never use your product again.

User hates banner blindness and black holes on screen

A user tends to ignore the rounded objects appearing on the screen. They ultimately perceive them as an advertisement and ignore it. So, be careful when you design the real content of your website. Try not to make it look like an advertisement if you want your user to read it. Also, be aware of areas of the screen users will often miss on the right. Users scan in an F-shaped pattern.

User doesn’t like change

The human brain trains itself to things in a certain way. When you make a change, the brain struggles to change its routine, and the user makes mistakes following the new pattern. It ultimately annoys the user. Therefore, it is not suggested to make changes in your product until you’ve genuinely revolutionized things and have made sure that the changes are user-friendly.

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