Open Source Community Celebrates as Microsoft Loses Majority Share

Open Source Community Celebrates as Microsoft Loses Majority Share

The open source community scored a major victory this year as the Android OS took the dominant position in mobile market share, easily beating Microsoft’s closed-source mobile phone platform. ZDNet reports that the Android climbed to 75 percent market share in the first quarter of 2013, after enjoying explosive growth. Even though this isn’t a Linux platform, it is very encouraging news for all open-source fans. It is an especially promising sign for the upcoming Ubuntu operating system for smartphones. Read More »


Does Your Camera Matter When Taking Photographs?

Canon 5D Mk III

One of the great debates online regarding photography is how much a photograph is dependent on the camera. As with any debate there are two groups: those that think a great photograph is independent on the camera, and those that think a photograph can be better with a better camera. To me, a great photograph is not one that is taken by a great camera, but one that is taken by a great photographer. Read More »


Kids Apps: Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security [Infographic]

Kids Apps: Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security

With the incredible fast adoption of mobile technology in all spaces of everyday life such as in work, home, recreation, and education, it comes as no surprise that mobile usage is on a steep rise among children and young adults as well. Back when there were only cell phones, it was understandable for parents to be able to withhold giving their children access to a personal mobile device for quite some time with the exception of emergency purposes. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

FAQ: Securing Your Wireless Network

FAQ: Securing Your Wireless Network

Ever since I have been writing posts about securing home wireless routers, I have been asked many questions about such security. Many of the questions were the same, such as what happens if you forget your router’s password, while others have been about how best to secure a wireless router. Since I have received quite a few questions over the years, I decided to gather the questions in a post and then add my answers to those questions. Read More »


Improving Your Website With Web and Social Analytics

Improving Your Website With Web and Social Analytics

Modern day websites have to be more creative than ever to get the kind of traffic they need. Web analytics offer a way to find out how the website is performing and are there any opportunities to take advantage of. There has been advancement on the web analytics front and numbers of tools are there to optimize the process. In the current status quo, the success of a website is now dependent on a number of factors ranging from the kind of storage area network to the analytics and SEO tools you use. For instance, you could use a network server whose storage is backed by reliable companies such as LSI and others. Read More »

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Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer

Warning: You’re Spending Way Too Much on That Pre-Built Gaming Computer

In the modern gaming world, no platform is as rich or as rewarding as is PC gaming. Gaming on the PC offers better graphics, superior multi-player options, better gameplay, and overall a better gaming experience. However, one reason why most gamers are still playing on a console is that they believe the cost of getting a computer good enough to play the top games is way too high. Read More »


How to Fix Windows Update Error 0×80073712 Or 80073712

Windows Update Error 0x80073712

One important aspect of using Windows is to keep it updated at all times. Microsoft releases security fixes on the second Tuesday of every month, so it is important to ensure you install those security updates to keep your system safe. Of course, as with anything software, you may encounter errors from time-to-time that prevent you from installing updates. Read More »


Why Your Wireless Network May Not Be As Secure As You Think

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

I have written several posts on securing a wireless router. I have even written posts that provide step-by-step detail on how to secure specific models of wireless routers. While you should enable WPA2 and use a strong passphrase, that may not be enough to keep your wireless network protected by unauthorized users. In many routers manufactured today, there is a known issue related to a technology that has been pushed by the wireless industry to make setting up and securing a wireless network easier. Read More »

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