10 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Better

Hands Above Computer Keyboard

When it comes to blogging many of us forget that the simple things matter. We get so caught up in the ads and the content that we forget what makes a blog stand out to readers first is the way it looks. First impressions matter here if you want readers to stick around long enough to read your content. That is why I wanted to go over a few simple points about blogging that you may have forgotten n your rush to get out great content. Read More »

Websites and Blogging

6 Tips for Attracting Repeat Visitors to Your Site

Attract Website Visitors

Every website owner would want to have as many people as possible visiting his site. However, with the multitude of competing sites out there, attracting new visitors has become an increasingly daunting task. Even more difficult is getting people to make repeat visits to your site. Here are some tips which will increase the chances of people coming back to your site. Read More »

Internet Marketing

How to Turn Your Computer Into a Full-Fledged Karaoke Machine

Computer Karaoke

Karaoke is an incredible wonderland, where you may feel like a real star while singing your favorite songs. Karaoke can make any of your home parties or celebrations rocking, delivering unmatched excitement to your guests. As you will surely agree, there are very few other entertainment activities that can bring as much pleasure as karaoke singing does. Read More »


Why Use Fibre-optic Data Network

Optical Dark Fibre

Fibre-optic communication is a mode of conveying information from one point to another via pulses of light sent through an optical fibre. This is so far, the fastest mode of transmitting data from one place to the next. Amcom is a leading network solutions provider via fibre-optic network. Cable networks have been heavily used in the past to transmit data. Read More »


How to Stay Safe With Social Networks


If you own a business – online or offline – or just enjoy creating a website or blog, then chances are you will inevitably be involved in one or more social networks. Social networks have taken off tremendously in the past 8 years or so, and it seems most people seem to have used social network in one form or another. Today, networks such as Facebook and Twitter, have become an important part of reporting events and daily lives more than any form of news. Read More »

Social Networking

Picking the Right Camera for Great Action Shots

Action Shot

Everyone and his dog want to be an action photographer. That’s fine; it’s an amazing calling and one of the most intense, rewarding branches of photography. However, it’s also darned difficult to get into – not least because action shooting requires a very specific set of capabilities in your camera that you don’t have to worry about with, say, landscape shots. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. Read More »


The New and Advanced Features of MS Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word is one of the popular applications for documenting by all cadres of users whether he/she is a student, or a writer, or writes something for his/her pleasures. Many applications have been developed to give competition to MS Word, but nothing has defeated it till date. This is because; in every new version of MS Word, Microsoft includes some impressive features that you need and love to have. Read More »


3 of the Best Photo Editing and Sharing Apps For Android and iPhone

Photo Editing Apps

It is amazing how far technology has gone into simplifying our daily activities… and the photography industry seemed to have received most of this positive impacts. Here’s what I mean; digital camera is one of the most popular consumer electronics in the market today with compact cameras and DSLR camera becoming more accessible to ordinary consumers. But what is more intriguing is how this technology has been successfully brought into the simplest gadgets we use every minute of the day…our mobile phones. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software
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