Why Your Wireless Network May Not Be As Secure As You Think

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

I have written several posts on securing a wireless router. I have even written posts that provide step-by-step detail on how to secure specific models of wireless routers. While you should enable WPA2 and use a strong passphrase, that may not be enough to keep your wireless network protected by unauthorized users. In many routers manufactured today, there is a known issue related to a technology that has been pushed by the wireless industry to make setting up and securing a wireless network easier. Read More »


How to Secure the D-Link DIR-615 Revision E Wireless Router

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless router

As with all wireless routers sold, the D-Link DIR-615 Revision E isn’t sold in a secured fashion. The security of the wireless router is the responsibility of the owner. While securing a wireless router may seem like a daunting task, most home wireless routers require the same settings to be changed to secure the router and wireless network. What needs to be changed for the D-Link DIR-615 wireless router are broken down into three sections, that will hopefully help to understand what is being changed on the router. Read More »


How to Protect Your Children Online

Parents and Children Online

We live in a connected world where everyone seems to be online. While there are many benefits to going online, those with children, however, need to keep in mind what their children are doing. There are many threats to children on the Internet. The most common being strangers that are looking to prey on children or take advantage of them. Friends can even become a problem if they have a falling out with your child resulting in bullying. One threat for children online is from them self, especially if they are known to post a lot of information about them self online. Read More »

Online Safety

Scanning The Choices in iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone 5 Cases

In spite of the predictions of naysayers everywhere, the iPhone 5 has triumphed, by and large. While of course, the device isn’t perfect, and arguably nowhere near the incredible amounts of hype surrounding its release, it is an incredible piece of technology. But what about the less heralded, but equivalently useful accessories that go with it. What about iPhone 5 cases? Read More »

Mobile Phones

Streaming Mobile Video is Changing TV and Movies Forever

Couple watching video on laptop

Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are the companies to watch in this brave new world of viewing. According to ItWorld.com, Hulu recently dubbed the Hulu upfront, in which they announced their paid subscriber numbers had doubled to 4 million subscribers. This allows them to not only impress their advertisers, but also afford a whole host of original shows. Read More »

Video Streaming

BackBlaze Launches Mobile App for iPhone

BackBlaze on iPhone

I have been a fan of BackBlaze since I started using them to backup my data to the cloud. I find their service affordable ($5/month) for unlimited data backup, easy to use, and secure. The one thing that has been missing was a way to access my files from a mobile device. I use an iPad on a regular basis, so having access to my files on BackBlaze from my iPad would be a huge benefit. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Three Reasons Why Your Next Upgrade Should Be An SSD

SSD Hard Drive

When our beloved computers start to give us grief by slowing down and struggle to perform the simplest of tasks, many of us have traditionally resigned to the fact that we need to buy a new machine. That was until Solid-state Hard Drives (SSDs) came around. You see, the storage inside our computers is often overlooked and taken for granted. As Dong Ngo from CNET puts it, “How many times have we asked ourselves where that Web page we’re viewing (like this one), the movie we’re watching, the song we’re listening to is stored, or even how the iPhone remembers to wake us up at 7 a.m every day?” Read More »


Still Using 90’s Internet Technology?

High-Speed Internet

When internet usage became common in the late 1990s, the lack of speed was not regarded as such an issue. The whole concept of the world wide web seemed so magical at the time that an image sometimes taking minutes to appear was easy enough to bear. That view quickly changed, not surprisingly, as the Internet evolved and internet broadband began to appear. Read More »

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