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How Nanotechnology is Transforming Healthcare

How Nanotechnology is Transforming Healthcare

Technology has been expressing itself through different dimensions, which is why everything is moving towards a digital wireframe. Like other industries, healthcare and medical has seen a lot of innovation after integration of technology. There is a general move towards digitalization of healthcare in order to enhance productivity. Read More »


To Chat or Not To Chat

Live Chat - To Chat or Not To Chat

Whether you like it or not, live chat is used pretty extensively online in many different ways. Often it is large companies like AT&T or Hostgator.com who use live chat to answer the large volume of sales questions that are generated on their site. But Live chat is becoming more common for smaller sites and blogs and so I’m wondering – do people like to have a live chat opportunity on a website they are visiting? And do they like to have it pop up right in their face over the page they are currently browsing? Read More »


The Future of Social Media Hacking; How Far Will It Go?

The Future of Social Media Hacking; How Far Will It Go?

You might think that social media hacking is when someone posts an embarrassing status update on your Facebook or Twitter, but as the popularity of social media grows exponentially, so too does the criminal activity associated with it. Although you don’t include any financial information on social media networks, the large amount of personal information you place on there means that identity theft is on the rise. Read More »

Social Networking

What Does the Zettabyte Mean for Cloud Security? [Infographic]

What Does the Zettabyte Mean for Cloud Security? [Infographic]

With the establishment of the zettabyte, a new measurement representing 1.1 trillion gigabytes, cloud security needs will also increase exponentially as well. The larger the storage capacity, the larger the need will be. The public cloud market alone has already grown to $109 billion approximately in 2012. Through 2016, the same market is expected to grow again 17.7 percent annually, compounded each year. Read More »

Cloud Storage

Top 4 Cloud Storage Providers

Top 4 Cloud Storage Providers

Anyone who is willing to protect their files, as well as, data from any type of computer hardware or software crash really needs to sign up with a cloud storage provider. This is mainly because of the fact that with a small amount of files, one can get an absolute backup of each and every file they want. In the following post you will get to know about the top 4 cloud storage providers for you to go with. Read More »

Data Backup

The Best Music Apps for Any Type of Smartphone

The Best Music Apps for Any Type of Smartphone

Music is one of the things that interest a lot of people. We hear it every day and we love listening to it for so many reasons. Many of us are even die-hard fans or supporters of music artists like Adele, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Josh Groban, and many others. With the continuous advancements in technology, music has become more available and more accessible to almost anyone. This is particularly true for people with electronic mobile devices such as smartphones. Downloading of mp3 files is now easier. Read More »

Mobile Devices Software

Small Business: Why Go Digital? What’s Wrong with the Paper?

Small Business: Why Go Digital? What's Wrong with the Paper?

You might ask the following questions: what are the benefits of getting my business digital? What’s wrong with paper and why should I use technology instead? This article will convince you that a digital document management solution makes your everyday work much easier and time efficient as you no longer need to deal with tons of paper documents. Read More »


3 New Identified Trends In Home Security Tech

Home Security

While many of you would be aware of the importance of home security systems, it can get overwhelming if you’re still yet to purchase a unit for your home. Previously, the systems were merely considered as getaway parts, but there have been a lot of advancements in recent times such as wireless networking and integration of mobile apps which have enabled the systems to perform multiple functions at the same time. Read More »

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