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Light Photography

Light Photography

One of the most important elements of any picture is the lighting. It can affect, in both good and bad ways, the colours, the perspective and the quality of the photo. Learning how to properly use lighting as your advantage will improve your pictures for sure. So, we listed some helpful advices. Combat the problem using high ISO. The ISO is managing the amount and sensitivity of light falling on your sensor. Read More »


The Qi Technology – Facilitating Wireless Charging On the Go!

The Qi Technology – Facilitating Wireless Charging On the Go!

At this rapidly progressing stage of technology, all that a consumer wants is connectivity and freedom. Wireless power has given a new definition to interaction and communication. We live in a world where maximum consumers use smart phones. But for most users, the battery life of their phones gives up midway during their working hours. Read More »


How To Increase Sales Productivity With Pinterest


Just as many business today have discovered, social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook can be extremely effective in generating excellent product placement opportunity without having to spend a fortune. Creating a vast network of followers within your target market across social network can be an amazing asset to increase sales. Read More »

Social Networking

Blackberry Z10 Features and Review

Blackberry Z10 Features and Review

Blackberry is unremittingly mounting with its fine class of Smartphone and never stopping and breaking the sweat. As BB’s new flagship Smartphone, the Blackberry Z10 is packed to shore up with top-notch components and technologies including some of the latest processing gears and hardware. Amorously crafted Smartphone has everything to quench savvy needs of all the technology buffs out there. Read More »

Mobile Phones

3 Tools to Combine Your Cloud Storage Services

3 Tools to Combine Your Cloud Storage Services

Research from Gartner indicates mobile technology and the personal cloud will replace the PC as the hub of daily life – at least in terms of digital activity – by 2014. Trends show a movement toward a “bring your own device” era, where people use smartphones and portables more than PCs, reported on Wired. Cloud storage will naturally assume a fundamental role in managing and maintaining data in a mobile hub. Read More »

Cloud Storage

How Nanotechnology is Transforming Healthcare

How Nanotechnology is Transforming Healthcare

Technology has been expressing itself through different dimensions, which is why everything is moving towards a digital wireframe. Like other industries, healthcare and medical has seen a lot of innovation after integration of technology. There is a general move towards digitalization of healthcare in order to enhance productivity. Read More »


To Chat or Not To Chat

Live Chat - To Chat or Not To Chat

Whether you like it or not, live chat is used pretty extensively online in many different ways. Often it is large companies like AT&T or Hostgator.com who use live chat to answer the large volume of sales questions that are generated on their site. But Live chat is becoming more common for smaller sites and blogs and so I’m wondering – do people like to have a live chat opportunity on a website they are visiting? And do they like to have it pop up right in their face over the page they are currently browsing? Read More »


The Future of Social Media Hacking; How Far Will It Go?

The Future of Social Media Hacking; How Far Will It Go?

You might think that social media hacking is when someone posts an embarrassing status update on your Facebook or Twitter, but as the popularity of social media grows exponentially, so too does the criminal activity associated with it. Although you don’t include any financial information on social media networks, the large amount of personal information you place on there means that identity theft is on the rise. Read More »

Social Networking
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