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The Benefits Of Motion Sensor Hidden Cameras

The Benefits Of Motion Sensor Hidden Cameras

Although home invasions can take place at any time of year, research has shown that burglaries occur more in the summer than any other season. While this is an unfortunate reality that can';t always be prevented, there are things every home owner can do to deal with the threat. If you want to do just that, you can install a motion sensor hidden camera in every location that needs monitoring. Read More »


Exploring Mobile Printing

Exploring Mobile Printing

Most consumers have been under the impression that ever since Apple introduced the AirPrint feature into iOS all problems related to wireless printing may well have been resolved. But, the real story is a little different. This futuristic technology still hasn’t led to the advent of the wireless office and that is backed by a set of reasons. As an individual user, you wouldn’t notice the shortcomings as a large company or organization would. It’s amusing to know that AirPrint only supports over 200 printers, which is a big drawback. Read More »

Cloud Storage

How to Run SpinRite in VirtualBox

SpinRite Running in VirtualBox

SpinRite is a popular hard drive maintenance and data recovery software from Gibson Research Corporation, and costs $90 to own. While I haven’t extensively used the software, it has helped me recover data from hard drives when I thought the data was lost. It is a small application, and you also don’t need a powerful PC to use the application. The once aspect of SpinRite that makes it different from other drive maintenance and data recovery tools is that you are required to boot up your computer using SpinRite to launch the application. Read More »

Data Recovery

The Most Anticipated Mobile Phone Releases of 2013

The Most Anticipated Mobile Phone Releases of 2013

The Smart Phone market is perhaps second only to computers in terms of how quickly it progresses, with new, more impressive models being launched by the wee. 2013 is no different, with some extremely promising new handsets waiting to be unleashed on the general public within the next few months. Now we’re half way through the year it’s an ideal time to take stock of the most anticipated models that have arrived this year. Read More »

Mobile Phones

Is Your Computer Ready for Cyber Attacks?

Is Your Computer Ready for Cyber Attacks?

Small businesses and private individuals should step up their computer security today. Statistics reveal that cyber criminals are attacking those two factions more intently now. Fortunately, reinforcing your line of security is not as hard as you think. Small businesses and private individuals are both prone to thinking that they are the last in any cyber criminals’ hit list. With so many large corporations around the world, there’s little chance that any smart criminal will waste his time on you. Read More »

Security Tips

Light Photography

Light Photography

One of the most important elements of any picture is the lighting. It can affect, in both good and bad ways, the colours, the perspective and the quality of the photo. Learning how to properly use lighting as your advantage will improve your pictures for sure. So, we listed some helpful advices. Combat the problem using high ISO. The ISO is managing the amount and sensitivity of light falling on your sensor. Read More »


The Qi Technology – Facilitating Wireless Charging On the Go!

The Qi Technology – Facilitating Wireless Charging On the Go!

At this rapidly progressing stage of technology, all that a consumer wants is connectivity and freedom. Wireless power has given a new definition to interaction and communication. We live in a world where maximum consumers use smart phones. But for most users, the battery life of their phones gives up midway during their working hours. Read More »


How To Increase Sales Productivity With Pinterest


Just as many business today have discovered, social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook can be extremely effective in generating excellent product placement opportunity without having to spend a fortune. Creating a vast network of followers within your target market across social network can be an amazing asset to increase sales. Read More »

Social Networking
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