5 Features to Look For in Powerful Computer Monitoring Software

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Pretty much every computer monitoring software will let you track and monitor activities taking place on computers in your workplace – but their capabilities can differ quite a bit.

If you want to have a tool that can help you to increase productivity by minimizing time wastage and improper computer use, it is important that you look for software that has the features you need.

In particular, there are five features that you should look for in computer monitoring software that could make a world of difference:

1. Automated scheduled reports

Although sometimes it can be helpful to manually track employees’ activities, for the most part you will want to use automated reports.

It helps if these reports provide relevant overall data as well as specific information about individual employees that can be used to evaluate and assess them at predetermined intervals.

2. Logging and searching

By logging keystrokes it is possible to find data breaches or other security risks. However it is important that the keylogging itself is customizable, and provides a reliable and user-friendly way to search through logs rather than having to scour them line by line.

3. Web usage timers

Being able to filter out certain websites and online platforms is a useful part of most computer monitoring software, but it is even more useful to have web usage timers.

Essentially these timers will let you allocate a certain amount of free browsing time, in order to allow employees to access the internet freely for a fixed duration so that not too much time is wasted.

4. Easy installation and setup

The level of complexity involved in installing monitoring software varies – but one with an easy installation that doesn’t take long to set up is definitely preferable.

Not only will it make it faster and more convenient, but it will also mean that installing it on new workstations that you may eventually add will be easier as well.

5. Customizable alerts

Every company is bound to have different needs and may need to keep an eye out for specific types of computer activity. That is why it helps if your monitoring software has customizable alerts that you can set up to encompass any activities that are relevant to your company.

Ideally these alerts should instantly notify you of any issues, so that action can be taken immediately.

Of course in addition to these features you should make sure that the software you select is user-friendly and is something you can easily familiarize yourself with.

The user interface, controls, settings and other aspects of the software will all play a role in that regard.

As you can see the scope of computer monitoring software can vary quite a bit, and its features will definitely dictate exactly how it can be used to track and monitor activities.

By ensuring that these features are present, you should be able to choose a powerful monitoring software that can be tailored to suit any requirements.

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