Why Outsourcing Is Changing So Rapidly

Why Outsourcing Is Changing So Rapidly

A large percentage of the workforce is getting younger every week, every month, and every year. They are increasingly disgruntled with the typical 9-5 setup that is required of most positions that offer little growth, skill development, or flexibility in terms of change.

Many are opting to take on the challenge of being a digital nomad, or at least a member of the workforce with a few days a week of remote work. This added flexibility gives them the chance to work the way they want to or take advantage of longer than usual weekends and holidays. A happier workforce is usually a more efficient workforce. For this reason, the outsourcing industry is being flooded with both agencies and would be employees that are looking to make the most out of this transition.

The difference lies in how they approach it. Outsourcing agencies, like Trust Sourcing company, are not the same as hosted sites such as Upwork, they have greater attention to testing and developing their freelancers/remote workers.

Sites like Upwork are filled to the brim with scammers on both sides, which damages many employers and employees idea of what can be done with outsourcing. Nothing is worse than getting stiffed for work that was done. At the same time, there is nothing worse than paying a large amount for quality only to be disappointed by subpar work.

What kind of jobs are being done?

There are a wide variety of jobs that are being outsourced. Whilst most who think outsourcing picture the rhetoric of American factory jobs being moved overseas to lessen costs, the reality is quite different.

Digital outsourcing is often project based in the initial stages. It can range from website to software builds to outsourcing customer service for product launches. Pay and budget can vary just as widely, from abysmal to fantastic. In literal terms, from $50 per project to $1,000,000+ depending on what’s required and its importance.

Due diligence becomes a matter of focus for both sides of the outsourcing industry. Some outsourcing agencies spend a large chunk of time recruiting only the best and then heavily vet them to ensure there are minimal problems.

Where does it go from here?

With firms such as Toptal that focus only on the best of the best, every outsourcing agency will invariably have to specialize.

Specialization helps segment the market to make it as easy as possible for both employers and freelancers to know exactly what they are getting into. It saves time and money. Specialists will join particular agencies where work will be perfectly suited to their skill sets and projects will be frequent.

The normal lapse in either high-quality freelancers or consistent work for them will be practically eliminated. As more countries join in, pricing will vary until there is a standard set for most projects that assure only quality freelancers will participate.

Regardless of what happens, the market will continue to shift as the freelancer pool becomes wider.

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